New Search is On For Inventor of the Future

Yesterday, we received a request from Becker Entertainment to assist them in finding a special Inventor. We said we would be happy to help their efforts and asked them to submit an article for posting on our site. Here's their letter:

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Becker Entertainment is a Sydney based production company, currently developing a new documentary idea for the Discovery Science Channel. The premise of the program is to feature new inventors and scientists whose cutting edge ideas have the potential to change the world. The program is still in the early phases of development however we are currently looking for inventors to feature.

Ideally, we want to speak to the future Dean Kamens, Alexander Bells and Thomas Edisons, whose ideas could change the way we do things in the future. We are looking for those "backyard" inventors who are passionate about their ideas and need help to realize them. Specifically we are looking for individuals who have an invention that aims to help society and are ready to have it made into a prototype. The development work must have already been done and it is now at a stage where given money and resources it could be built and tested.

We would like to come in at this stage and help resource the project, both in terms of money, expertise and manpower. We will help them in everyway to get their “invention over the line”. If it can be built we will build it, if it can be proven we will prove it, and if it can be tested we will test it. These budding inventors must be able to tell us how their invention could help society, how long they have been working on it for, and show us any supportive data to back this. This person must have no, or very little, media exposure for their idea as we are reluctant to help established scientist/inventors who already have a source of interest and funding for their research.

Please note this is NOT “American Inventor”, nor is it a similar format. We are not in the business of making fun of inventors or scientist, but rather we would like to showcase to the American public the ingenuity, passion that people have for science. We are NOT after inventions that could bring in a lot of MONEY, but we hope to find inventions and theories that could benefit the community, and possibly change the way people think. The aim of the show is to bring Science back to the masses in a fun and positive way. In doing so encourage interest in Science and ignite the inventive character in us all.

This is the proposal, and unfortunately until I find people for the show, it can not be developed any further. If you feel you know of any person who satisfies the criteria and would be interested can you please get them to contact me? Alternatively, if you provide their contact details I will touch base with them directly. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

René Bransby
Becker Entertainment Level 1,
11 Waltham St Artarmon NSW 2064 AUSTRALIA
T: +61 (0)2 8425 1149 F: +61 (0)2 9439 1827

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If you are interested, contact them and please come back to this posting to share your updates and experiences with this search. 

May 3, 2006
by Dominick Citera (not verified)

I would like to be on your show

I have an invention 6yrs in the making it is a clothesline drying system it solves a problem and makes a everyday task much easier I have a patent on it love to show it to you