Will There Be a Second Season of American Inventor?

So the advertisers at Mediaweek seems to be pondering whether there will be a second season on American Inventor. Doug Hall, in his recent blogging here, said he was "caustiously optimistic". A recent article for Mediaweek seems to mimic that tone. "...Inventor Nab Ratings, Not Buzz A.J. Frutkin MAY 01, 2006 ...American Inventor is averaging approximately 10 million viewers and drawing a 4.2/11 among 18-49s. That demo rating represents a 128 percent rise over time-period occupant Extreme Makeover last year. Andrea Wong, ABC’s exec vp of alternative programming, suggested aspiration-type shows still have legs. "This show is about people pursuing their dreams and pouring their hearts and souls into their ideas," she said. "And viewers are rooting for these contestants to do that." What’s more,... Inventor lacks the benefit of a consistent lead-in (it airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.). And although no decision has been made regarding another cycle, Wong said Inventor’s self-starter status shows “the potential strength of a second season.” But several advertisers said that if these shows return, they’ll likely serve as stop-gap measures rather than scheduling cornerstones. That determination appears to be based largely on the absence of watercooler buzz. "Neither of them shows signs of being a breakout pop-culture phenomenon,"said John Rash, chief broadcast negotiator for Campbell Mithun." You can read the full article here .
May 3, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

A second season every other

A second season every other year in my opinion would make for better inventions, thus a better show. This first show suffered because of the spur of the moment advertising of the programs auditions.

May 3, 2006
by Inventor Wannabe



I don't know about each an everyone of you inventor out there but for me a show such as AI is the best thing ever happened since sliced-bread. Because such a show is where us individual inventor get noticed and our ideas get protected and exposure in the event that big companies decided to steal our ideas, we will get support.

We all need to do our part by contributing our voices to the show even though ABC is not doing a dame good job advertising the show either on paper or on the internet. My suggestion is each one of us send email directly to Doug Hall and ABC producers letting them know what not only we enjoy the show but to let them know that with a little bit more exposure on the Internet getting their viewers aware of the upcoming show could yield a higher audiance each Thursday.

Also, had we got plenty of notice by ABC spending some money on advertising, I am sure there will be more real inventors that have real ideas that can change the world instead of the 12 right now where I am not too excited about jumping out of my seat and wait for it to come out to market so that I can buy.

My plan is to write my letter requesting that they should have at least one more season to try it out now that the viewers are aware of the show and the real good inventors with great inventions will show up to audition for the next show. Having such a show will be the only way for us to keep the momentum going if each one of us feel that we are indeed the inventor.

I know the person that makes the decision for ABC her name is something Wang, I don't have her email address so if someone has it please forward the email over so we all can email to her requesting for a second season. I am sure everyone knows Doug Hall email address by now so please email to him so that he can pass the message onto Peter Jones as they are best friends.

Our voices mean something to ABC and their producers. Let make our voices count, one viewer at a time.


May 4, 2006
by Wade (not verified)

Watch out!

If there is going to be a second season, I propose having more judges. AI definitely needs a patent attorney/agent as one of the judges! And get someone of different ethnicity as one of the judges. Doug can be kept on the panel, as well as Peter, but adding more judges will take away each individual's voting power so that the real inventions have a better chance to advance and not so dependent on Doug and Peter's vote. There should be at least 6 judges, with 4/6 needed to pass. I noticed alot of disagreements. Whenever potentially good inventions came along, Peter or Doug would say no while Mary Lou and Ed said yes. So therefore, the extra 2 judges can still decide whether the invention deserves to advance or not. We see alot of similar/unpatentable inventions that wouldn't be eligible for any IP protection. I wonder how Peter will deal with these issues once the winner(s) products are marketed. I bet he will strike a licensing deal with any original inventor whose patent rights are being infringed upon, just pay some % royalty. It's all about marketing, they would be happy to just sit back and collect some % royalty instead of enduring a long (and expensive) lawsuit. That's how I see it can happen with these issues from this first season.

Second, we have to screen out the liars/fakes. No doubt people will have more sob stories just to get by the next round. I never cried or begged or lost any loved one, and I made it 3 rounds. I am a man of honesty and integrity, I do not believe in faking or lying, but many will do this just to advance. I think AI will do us all a BIG FAVOR by focusing more on the invention and not as much on the inventor for the second season. There were a few innovations, but they were all voted out. The finalists are just improvements or new uses of existing products, or combinations thereof. I am impressed by the struggles of each inventor, but not impressed by their inventions.

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Judges Should Vote Secretly!

Instead of each judge hearing how the previous judge has voted and even telling other judges to "go" first, I think the judges should first pick "yes" or "no", then their answers revealed. That would eliminate some bias in deciding which inventors advance. Or, the last judge to vote would NOT have the ability to determine, at least to some degree, the outcome of the overall vote.

May 4, 2006
by coolmax


ABC & Peter Jones Suck

May 7, 2006
by bottleslingguy
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How about having a group of

How about having a group of judges (or innovation "gurus") maybe ten or a dozen, compete against each other by individually selecting from a large group of inventions. Of course it would entail the judges having to do their homework, but if they personally believed a certain product was promising, they might come up with a better show. I think this country has an endless supply of innovative ideas floating around. There just needs to be a conduit in order to bring them down to the ground and that's what AIspot does.

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