Top 10 Concept Cars of 2007 that We Can't Wait to Buy

The results are in. Although most of the cars at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007 are only concepts, there were quite a few that many people would love to see on the road. Here are the Top 10 Concept Cars that we can't wait to buy.

Concept Car 10 - Mitsubishi Concept ZT

It has been quite a while since Mitsubishi has even hinted to a more luxury based vehicle. Clean lines with a classy look would make this a must have. It is powered by a 2.2 liter "clean diesel" engine that reportedly offers the same performance of a 4.0 liter gasoline engine. By using a lower compression-ratio, it can also shed some weight since heavier materials are not needed. Power is delivered to the ground through a dual-clutch "SST" gearbox linked to a computer controlled all-wheel drive system. There is a rumor going around that it might be a prototype for the next-gen Galant.

Concept Car 9 - Honda CR-Z

"Compact Renaissance Zero." Interesting name. This design from Honda is actually a huge step in the right direction according to many people. It offers the performance associated with Honda while still maintaining and eco-friendly power-plant. According to Honda, it will be available at your local dealer "soon," which leaves it open.

Concept Car 8 - Suzuki Kizashi-2

Back in September and Frankfurt, we caw the first version of the Kizashi. Number 2 has gone through some restyling on the front end and got some bigger tires and wheel flares to match. The most interesting point is the 3.6 liter V-6 under the hood. It is largest ever produced by Suzuki. They are planning to base a production model around the Kizashi-2.

Concept Car 7 - Lexus LF-A

A 2-seater concept from Lexus. It will be powered by a V-10 making over 500 horsepower to the rear-wheels. The LF-A was originally seen back in 2005 at the Detroit Auto Show. It has since undergone changes to move it into Supercar territory. According to the Lexus Engineering Team, the front-engine rear-wheel drive setup combined with increased aerodynamics will put their baby into the 200mph plus category.

Concept Car 6 - Volvo ReCharge

As the name implies, the Volvo ReCharge uses a standard power outlet to recharge onboard batteries, which offers a 100Km range. For longer trips, a 1.6 liter flexfuel engine is used to run a generator that recharges the batteries. Volvo claims a 66% decrease of CO2 emissions, which comes from a setup known as a series hybrid. In such a design, there is no mechanical connection between the motor and the wheels. Volvo will be using a C30 as a test platform.

Concept Car 5 -VW Space Up

A larger version of the "Up" originally seen at Frankfurt, the Space-Up offers more room and an extra set of doors. The engine remains between the rear wheels of the car where the power is sent. This is the 2nd design in VW's new line of "Small Family Cars," and they plan on many more. The Space-Up is currently under production engineering and the estimated date for purchasing availability is the end of the decade.

Concept Car 4 - Audi Metroproject Quattro

Audi is using the Metroproject Quattro as more of a design study than a concept. The real innovation is in the drive-train. Under the hood is a TSI (Turbo + Supercharger" engine providing power to the front wheels. Coupled with that are electric motors that drive the rear wheels making it an AWD....I think. Another selling-point is Audi's Mobile Electronic Device that is housed in the dash. It is basically a PDA which allows owners to access some of the car's systems remotely, assuming they are within range.

Concept Car 3 - Subaru Exiga

A 7-seater from Subaru...finally. They have been promising a 7-passenger for quite some time and what better to use as a platform than the popular Legacy. As with most of Subaru's cars, it comes with AWD and the boxer motor, a 2.0 liter turbo actually. The interior can only be described as "open," which comes from a 360 degree view thanks to a mostly glass roof and windows in every direction. To complete the view is an 8-view monitor system tucked into the dash and highly aerodynamic mirrors mid way up the front door pillars. Nicely done.

Concept Car 2 - Honda DN-01

The DN-01 was originally seen 2 years ago as a concept only bike. The new version went relatively unchanged with only minor adjustments to the seat and exhaust system. The power-plant is a 680cc V-Twin made by Deauville. It is connected to a hydraulically driven transmission which offers better performance compared to a standard transmission. The DN-01 is also equipped with a push-button gear-change system which allows you to swap your gear ratios.

Concept Car 1 - Daihatsu OCF-1

A little 2-seater that seems to scream MG. It rides on 17 inch wheels and is powered by a 660cc 3 cylinder. A turbo is also in place to help out at red-lights and stop signs. A CVT Transmission routes power to the ground which should help out the 0-60 time. It uses a power-retractable top with glass inserts to give a roomy feeling, even then the top is up. You can also adjust the opacity via a switch that controls the integrated LCD sunshade technology.

Obviously, there were others that many people would love to see on the road, but these were the ones that got the largest response. Each one is unique in its own way while still offering the things car buyers want. Next year should be equally as good.

Source: MSN

George Delozier
Automotive Innovations