American Inventor - Episode 8 - Peter Jones Judes - To See Who Moves on to the Final 4! The Winner is ...

bio_JonesTonight, Peter Jones judges a former teacher, a coach and a therapist. They each have 4 weeks to prove they should move on. All three of tonight’s inventors have one thing in common – they’ve put off they’re lives to make other lives better.

Jodi Plistka invented The Headliner because she lost all her hair 20 years ago to Alopecia.

20 years ago Ed Hall had dreams of NBA stardom. He eventually became a teacher. Inventor of WordAce – an electronic educational game designed to make learning fun.

Bobby Amore invented The Toner Belt. He's first up. He has a focus group to see what people think. They say it's a kids toy, doesn't have enough tension, doesn’t feel like it’s doing much. Isn’t easy to put it on. (Wow, that sucks.) He worked with Ewing design and in a week they didn’t do what he wanted to do.

Next Peter tells Jodi he wants her to expand the markets it could be sold to so she holds a focus group. They think it would be good for athletes, police, firemen – they think it could be very helpful. T2 design was thinking about cooling fans and batteries, they went way off course in her opinion, and she’s trying to fix things. While she’s in the mist of it all, she gets a call that she lost her job. (That sucks.)

Next Peter tells Ed Hall he should make the product English speaking and Spanish speaking. (Great idea) He wants Ed to add fun to the product. Focus group says the speaker needs work. They said it wasn’t fun. He meets with Patton design.

Bobbie goes to Ciro design for a backup plan because he wasn't happy with how things were going at first, and he wants a second design for the prototype of the Toner Belt. He split the 50G for 2 unique versions of his dream.

Jodi needs to get T2 back on track. She’s telling them to forget the bells and whistles. This is what I want, you’re working for me, give me what I want.

Ed is confronted with the fact that he will have to take apart his only prototype to figure out how to reinvent/reengineer what's wrong. Ed then learns his circuit board needs to be rebuilt – his computer files are missing. He realizes he might blow it, and starts crying, because he hates seeing his Mom sleeping and living in a basement. (has he cried every episode?) very sweet though, he's a good guy.

THE 4 WEEKS ARE UP. Bobby goes to Ciro to see the Toner Belt – they set the bar high - he likes what he sees. His original company Ewing Design has a slightly better design but he is going to use Ciro’s packaging.


Ed sees his new WordAce and is speechless and loves the speaker, languages etc. It's pretty nice.

Ed Hall presents first to the group of 4 judges. Shows them his new design and packaging. They aren’t overwhelmed but like it. Doug presses a button and hears it’s bilingual. Ed asks if that is new. Ed says it is. He shows the focus group at Aragone Elementary School with a group of young kids. At first it was to complex for them to do. But by the third day the kids got it and were into it. They were having fun and learning too. “This is like the funest game ever.” Retail just shy of $50. Cost should be around $10. It’s about promoting learning, and all that good stuff, that’s why they should consider him. Ed says it’s BIG. Mary agrees. Peter doesn’t say anything. Doug likes it by his mannerisms, but says it just has bad design… too expensive.

Bobby goes second to show his Toner Belt. He tells them about his backup plan. He shows them the test he did at a mall. He found people who don’t normally go to the gym. People felt like it was a novelty. He got an overweight woman to test it out. She liked it. Doug says he’s solving a real problem. Ed says he just hopes up it doesn’t end up in the back of a closet.

HEADLINEITJodi’s turn – she shows how she spent the 50G She had medical market, the friendly version for kids, and active for military, fireman, cops. Jodi says it’s about $1 each. Mary says that sounds good, but is $30 a month to much for America to spend. She takes it to an Alopecia support group. Some like it, one says it feels like she can feel it under her wig, another wishes it could be in stores tomorrow. Next she takes it to a group of fireman to test it. Fireman sweat a lot and it can be dangerous when they do. It does what she says it does and it solves that problem. It also helps prevent the fogging of the googles and stinging of eyes they say. Ed says seeing it answers a lot of questions. She really thought out about what it looks like, what it feels like. Peter says he’s really proud of her.

Peter says likes Eds product but questions whether it has what it takes to make it in one of the biggest markets in the world. Peter says that Bobby struggles a bit in his presentation, but he should be proud of what he has done with his invention. Peter says Jodi has yet to come across anyone who is more inspiring than Jodi. She has come so far, and questions whether America would really buy it. His decision is that… Bobby is going home. BUST. Bobby says he would do it all over again, he learned a lot.

Peter said he originally was slightly skeptical about Jodi’s product and mass appeal. She did a good job using the 50G. Unfortunatley, she will not be moving on. BUST. Peter says Ed’s pitch wasn’t very good. He slightly let himself down. He’s sacrificed a lot. But Peter goes on to say he think America will buy this product. And believes his product will become AMERICA’S BEST SELLING ELECTRONIC GAME. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! WAY TO GO ED! Ed says it’s about sharing, sharing a very special gift.

Cue going home sappy music. “Everybody’s looking for that something. One thing that makes it all complete… …I’m flying without wings.” Who sings that song? All the families and kids are obviously proud. And as well should be. Jodi’s kid gives her a big hug, and is so proud. Bobby loves his girlfriend. Meets her in the diner. He learned how important the people in his life are to him. Ed gets ready to come home. His Mom is very excited to see him. His son says "I miss daddy." In Ed walks… and he says he gave it his best and made it to the FINAL 4! And they go crazy. Ed says, “words can not express how happy I am. I’m home, and I have friends and family that mean the world to me.”


May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

they missed the mark on this one

The judges really missed the mark on this round. Sharon Clemens had the best simple invention in this round. How many of you women out there would run out and buy this in a heartbeat? I know I would. Yes, the car seat could save lives of children, but how much would it cost? I know it would be very expensive. The restroom clip would be very useful, very inexpesive, and marketable. If she goes on to market this I know it wil sell volumes. I know I'll run out and get one. I hope she puts this out in spite of the show.
From a woman who likes her restroom privacy

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

he did it right

each and everyone of these inventions will be picked up by someone. Just as with American Idol even the losers will have a future.
The game is the best, children love games and love to learn.
At least Jones has some brains

May 4, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The headliner and clip kit

The headliner and clip kit may in fact be more marketable than others that advanced, but could they be they be called "America's Next Best Invention"? No Way! ABC has rights to the final 12, and I'm sure you will see these items pushed, but I'm glad they didn't win. In the end from an inventing standpoint you have a plastic clip bundled with other stuff that already exists, and a pad with adhesive on it. The products in the finals are much more inventive and deserve to be there.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


If firemen wore the headliner, it could save lives. And cancer patients would also be helped, this product needs to be on the market. Jodi and T2 Design did a great job. And it's as much of an invention as anything else. Ed's Word Ace game was fine, but it's like Niya - a speaking, multi-language toy. Jodi's headliner could really help alot of people.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think they picked Ed for

I think they picked Ed for the sole reason that he wouldn't stand a chance against their pimpee Janusz. That's also why Sharon and the Safutos (don't really like them, but I like the invention) were grouped together with Janusz. Let's face it, of the four finalists, one is too niche, one is too dangerous, and one is not the Headliner. It sickens me actually.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

She could have also tried to

She could have also tried to sell this to marathon/long distance runners. Some wear a baseball cap but none use a pad to keep sweat out of their eyes.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The headliner could be too

The headliner could be too easily copied or changed, unless a completely differant material not known yet to man is patented for this use only.

May 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I didn't kmow this game was

I didn't kmow this game was "ELECTRONIC"! This changes my opinion somewhat about it. Toy companies are only looking for this type of games. It could be improved however to do away with the pencils and paper and make it totally electronic. To defray the cost the Spanish version could be sold separately.