Reminder... Doug Hall - Sunday Night, 9PM EST, May7 - LIive Blog Here Only! And Now With Special Guests!

Doug4_smTomorrow night Doug will be back - to answer questions, give you insight, and tell it like it is....LIVE!

We have also gotten confirmation that Joe (and Jenny) Safuto - Semi-Finalists (PureFlush Toilet Seat) will be stopping by at 9:30 to join in the fun. As well, we have word that Sharon Clemens (of the Restroom doorclip/Survial kit fame) will also be stopping by to chat. Don't miss it.

Below are their respective bios... bio_SafutoPUREFLUSH copyJoe and Jenny Safuto, 47 and 32 years old, share their Los Angeles, California home with Joe's 39 with 12-year-old twin daughters. Joe is a performing magician, comedian and singer, and Jenny is a make-up artist. Joe was inspired to create the Flushpure after his mother passed away from a respiratory infection. The event made him very aware of airborne illnesses and he vowed to do something to make our air cleaner.

bio_Clemens CLIPSharon Clemens, 63, resides in Huntington Beach, California and is a retired sales associate. She and her husband of over forty years have three children and two grandchildren. Sharon created the Restroom Door Clip after too many unpleasant experiences in public restrooms. The project has been keeping her quite busy in her retirement and is giving her a new lease on life. She hopes to win American inventor and get her husband to retire early.

May 7, 2006
by Amarsir

Questions log start yet?

Haven't seen a lit of questions yet, but could Doug start by talking about the Spherical Seat vs. the Safety Egg? When did he find out about the latter, are there ramifications for the show, etc?

May 7, 2006
by Joe (not verified)

Answer to pureflush germ filtering toilet seat question

Yes Jen and I are very serious about health. Although I have made my living as a comedy magician ( the PureFlush toilet seat is real and works. Magicians tend to make their own props because magic store are soooo expensive. Invention is in our blood.
When my mom died from heart desease I wanted to find out the source and came upon alot of information about bacteria and viruses. Much of it led to our waste materials containing bacteria, etc. This in turn led to a groundbreaking paper from Prof. Charles Gerba of Arizona state University on toilet aerosols (1975).
So about 6 years ago I designed and re-designed until I felt we had it right.
On American Inventor there was a battle with the design team that was so misrepresented in the editing that it seemed like I didn't want the designers help. It couldn't be further from the truth.
Please go to for lots of info, etc. thanks.

May 7, 2006
by Amused and Bemused

Doug Hall is here live at

Doug Hall is here live at the ANECIA posting on the top of the page. Come join us there.

May 7, 2006
by AllenD (not verified)

Where are the Professional Inventors.....

Dear Doug,

Seems like this show is lacking professional inventors/product developers Does that mean they don't need a show like this to get their product to market?



May 7, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Doug Hall's Live Blog - not here