The 30 Best Gadgets and Gizmos for 2008 - The 2008 CES Innovation Award Winners – Part 2

The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is gearing up for another exciting few days in Las Vegas showcasing the most innovative new electronics in the World.

The 2008 CES will take place January 7-10, and it will feature a ton of new consumer electronics as well as some key note speakers such as Bill Gates.

The 2008 CES Innovation Award winners have been announced, and the top 30 winners in each category will give you a glimpse at some of the most innovative products for 2008 and beyond.

This is the second post from my CES coverage, and it features 15 more of the 30 CES Innovation Award winners. The other 15 can be found in The Best Gadgets and Gizmos of 2008 - 30 CES Innovation Awards - Part I


16. CES Award Category: In-Vehicle Accessories:

Navigon 7100 GPS

Navigon 7100 GPSNavigon 7100 GPS

The Navigon 7100 is one of 3 portable GPS devices from this long-time GPS company. Navigon has only recently jumped into the consumer GPS market, but they know a lot about GPS technology so it wasn't hard for them to make the leap. One of the very special things about the Navigon 7100 is that Navigon provides free traffic warning subscriptions for life with the purchase of this device. Most other GPS manufacturer's charge a fee for this service, but not Navigon. The Navigon 7100 features a large 4.3 inch touch-screen, 3D map views, Zagat ratings and reviews, and Bluetooth technology for hands-free calling. (Buy here )

17. CES Award Category: In-Vehicle Control/OEM Integration:

Directed Electronics Viper 5701 Responder LE

Design sketch of the Viper Responder LEDesign sketch of the Viper Responder LE

This new 2-way remote will not only provide security to your automobile, but it will also add a remote starting system. While this technology is nothing new, the Responder LE integrates a host of new technology that you've never seen before. One of the cool new features of this security/remote start system is the new GhostLight LEDs feature. These bright LEDs light up to confirm choices that you've chosen with the remote, and they respond in various ways to ?communicate? with you. For instance, when using the remote start feature, the GhostLight LEDs will respond to you and tell you the comfort level inside the cabin of your car in terms of temperature on a scale of 1 to 5.

This technology is very smart and innovative. The manufacturer says that this unit will be easy to install, easy to use, and it will have a range of 2000 feet. This product will be unveiled at CES on January 7, 2008.

18. CES Award Category: In-Vehicle Navigation/Telematics/ITS

Auto Page C3 Technology

C3 systemC3 system

This new technology from Auto Page is an innovative solution which allows you to operate your car's security system/remote start system via your cell phone. This new technology is what Auto Page calls C3, and it basically turns your cell phone into a remote for your car. Some of the applications of this technology include: starting your car, turning on the AC or heater, lock/unlock, arm the alarm or sound the panic alarm, and even locate the vehicle via GPS.

Service plans for the C3 technology start at $149 for 12 months of service. Auto Page says that using your cell phone for this purpose will not affect your minutes, or data plan, on your cell phone.

19. CES Award Category: In-Vehicle Video:

Sirius Connect Audio/Video Tuner

Sirius Backseat TVSirius Backseat TV

The new Sirius SCV1 Audio/Video Tuner is the first of its kind to provide both satellite radio and TV programming to automobiles. This technology allows you to let the kids watch family-friendly TV programming in the back seat, and the parents can listen to satellite radio in the front seat at the same time. This system costs $299, and it does not come with video monitors.

20.CES Award Category: Integrated Home Systems:

SE2 ITC One Integrated Home Theater Console

ITC One All-in-One Entertainment ConsoleITC One All-in-One Entertainment Console

The ITC One is the world's first fully customizable all-in-one home entertainment center. This system will take care of your home entertainment needs without you having to run lots of wiring or punch holes in the walls. The ITC One truly is a complete home entertainment center, as it includes the following components:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

  • DirectTV HD-DVR

  • Bryston High-End Digital Surround Processor

  • Apple Video iPod with Dock

  • Super Quiet Cooling System

  • and more...

This device does take care of almost all of your home entertainment center needs that you might have, but it does come with a steep price tag. The fully-equipped model comes with a price tag of $24,995!

21. CES Award Category: Multi-Room Audio/Video:

SlingCatcher from Sling Media


The SlingCatcher is a new product from the makers of SlingBox. The SlingCatcher is a technology that will work to provide TV programming in your house or anywhere else in the world. Two new applications that will be a part of the SlingCatcher are SlingProjector and SlingPlayer for TV. The SlingProjector application will allow you to basically view your computer monitor on your TV. The SlingPlayer for TV application will allow the user to share TV content with other TVs around the house or at remote locations. There are also other features of the SlingCatcher that Sling Media will be announcing at the 2008 CES.

22. CES Award Category: Personal Electronics:


Photoskins digital photo framePhotoskins digital photo frame

Photoskins is a new digital photo frame from Emtrace Technologies Inc. that is only about the size of a credit card. It features a 2.5" HD-LCD display, 128 MB of memory, and 64 MB SDRAM. With this device, you can upload your favorite photos or display variety of widgets, such as weather, news, and more. The widget feature is only functional when the Photoskin device is connected to the included cradle and then connected to a computer.

23. CES Award Category: Portable Media Players:

Samsung YA-BS900 Bluetooth Speaker System

Samsung Bluetooth Speaker SystemSamsung Bluetooth Speaker System

Samsung is set to release this innovative new speaker system very soon. They're being pretty tight-lipped about this new hyper-directional 3-channel surround sound speaker system. What we do know about this new device is that it will receive music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player or cell phone. A cool feature of this speaker system is that it will automatically turn down the volume when it ?senses? that a call is coming in on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone in the area.

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