The Flat Life Project Lights Up in 3D

The Flat Life project by Finn Magee might make you look twice, as most of us aren't used to cords running out of our still-life art. I would imagine having a still-life such as the ones shown here might be a bit odd in the first place, given their unassuming themes. One would think a digital alarm clock isn't something that's generally glorified and hung on a wall to be appreciated as art. Oh, but wait. What appears to be an image of a standard desk lamp and digital alarm clock is actually a light source and means of time-keeping, merging the third dimension with 2D design.

Flat Life crosses dimensionsFlat Life crosses dimensions

Recently graduated from the Royal College of Art , Finn Magee embarked on this project for the Designers in Residence exhibition in London held this past autumn. Magee's aim was for the installation to be an advertisement for the product, "unpacking" the lamp, and "hanging" the clock above the gallery entrance.

My only wish is to be a real lamp...My only wish is to be a real lamp...

Utilizing simple electronic components and letting the paper do the work of holding the mounted cables in place, the LEDs shine through to pop these images right off the wall and into real life. So now you can enjoy a lighter, less cluttered desk while staying right on time.


The Flat Life project is in development with Artemide , and though it isn't in production yet, you can email the artist and he'll let you know of any developments.



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Dec 19, 2007
by Monica (not verified)

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