American Inventor Episode 10 - Finale (May 11, 2006) - Who are you going to vote for? LIVE CHAT

We're finally here. The Finale. Actually, I don't know why they call it the finale - its not the last episode - its the second to last. The Grand Finale airs next Thursday, May 18th. Tonight, Americans finally get to pick who they think should be the American Inventor. People have been letting us know their opinions on our site for quite a while now on Boom or Bust. We can finally see if America agrees with the results on Boom or Bust. The four finalists are: 1) Janusz Liberkowski - The Anecia Survival Capsule (Doug's Inventor) 2) Ed Hall - WordAce (Peter's Inventor) 3) Francisco Patino - D-Tract 2x2 (Mary Lou's Inventor) 4) Erik Thompson - The Catch (Ed's Inventor) Who do you want to win?