Ten Best Office Products of 2006



#4 Best Way to Stay Connected for Free: IPEVO Free-1 for Skype

If you’re not Skype-ing, you’re paying too much to communicate! The free on-line phone service is a great way to beat high long-distance phone rates, but if your computer’s microphone isn’t someplace handy (or like me your microphone is right next to a speaker in a laptop), your computer may not be the best mouthpiece. The market for Skype-ready phones is growing, but the IPEVO Free-1 is easily the most drool-worthy. Office product here or here.






#3 Best Way to Keep Your Desk Clear: Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm

The day is coming when every screen will be flat-panel, and the best accessory you can get is a mounting arm, which lets you easily share your screen with others, or better yet, move it out of the way completely. The Neo-Flex brings a healthy dose of style to what had been a welded-steel dominated and aesthetically-challenged market. Office Product here.






#2 Best Reason to Keep Two Computers: Belkin Flip

What to do with that old CPU that still has a hard-drive full of important files and useful apps? Nothing! Ditch the old monitor and get a Belkin Flip, which lets you hook up two CPUs to one monitor and one keyboard and switch between the two with a tap of the Flip. Belkin has a strong reputation of innovative electronics accessories, and the Flip is no exception. Office Product here.






#1 Best Overall Innovation: Herman Miller Leaf Personal Light

Got $500 left over after buying your Verte chair? Why not drop it on our top office innovation, the Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller. It may just look like a piece of twisted metal (or an attacking squid tentacle), but this award-winning lamp is the iPod of office lighting. By running your finger along a groove in the base, you activate a series of 20 LEDs that you can adjust in color and intensity. Sure it's expensive, but with over 11 years of rated life, it's worth a little extra cha-ching. Heck, it's even worth another picture...

Now if only they would create an iLeaf version, I'd never leave my desk! Office product here.


So that's the list. It's encouraging to see there are still companies out there trying to bring some creativity and inspiration to our work life. How about you? Let us know about the products that you use at your job the make your work just a little less work and a little more fun.

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