Cool Tool: The “Open-It Universal Opener”

The Open-It Universal OpenerThe Open-It Universal OpenerEvery inventor's dream is to come up with a product that everyone needs and, to me the Open-It Universal Opener is one of those products.

I found this little gizmo online at, of all places, . Everywhere else I looked for it, the Open-It Universal Opener is marketed as an assisted living device, particularly for people with arthritis.

That's good, great in fact. The handle is wide and comfy with a good grip and the tool is very easy to use. But, as a marketing person, I' amazed that this product isn't sold by every Lowe's, Home Depot, and Target store in the country in their household tool departments. Everyone needs this tool!Open-It Box Cutter FeatureOpen-It Box Cutter Feature

Look at the box cutter/letter opener feature. That's common enough. Most people don't tear open boxes with their bare hands. But box cutters aren't usually designed to double as letter openers, no less all the other features Open-It has. Why wouldn't everyone benefit from this?

Open-It Poke FeatureOpen-It Poke Feature And what about the poke feature... How many times have you been able to punch the hole with the little straw that comes with your juice box? The manufacturer doesn't give you the right tool to puncture it. What are you supposed to use? A ball point pen?

Then you have the hook element of the Open-It. Sodas and cat food aren't the only products found in flip top cans. What about coffee, cookies, nuts? What about oil products for your car? Paint thinners? Open-It Hook FeatureOpen-It Hook FeatureIndustrial powders? Wouldn't anyone rather use a hook both to open the can and pry the lid until the container is accessible? Or does cutting the tender ends of your fingers on the metal rim of a can give you a thrill?

This is a super tool. Whoever the inventor is (The Carter Burton Center for the Aging?), you need to think bigger. Give this product a new name..."Open-It" would be great without the redundant "Universal Opener." And start marketing it to the major players in retail. Everyone really does need it!

And readers, in the meantime buy it! It's a super cool tool.

Keeping you posted.

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The Open-It Universal Opener is available online from:

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Apr 9, 2007
by Michelle
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Hey Boomer: This looks

Hey Boomer:

This looks great. I agree that this tool would sell almost anywhere. I alway have trouble with the plastic packaging so this is great. For $10 buck from Amazon, I am definitely going to try it.