Patently Pointless: Sexual Fitness Machine

Forget the antiquated exercise bike, those clunky weight machines, and the threadbare treadmill. Instead, grab your guy or gal and try out the Human Sexual Fitness Machine, patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.It's a perfect way for couples to get fit and to have fun together - literally.

Human Sexual Fitness MachineHuman Sexual Fitness MachineDisenchanted by old fashioned bed sex that requires energy, balance, and strength, the creators of the Human Sexual Fitness Machine wanted to make improve a couple's functional performance. This fitness machine comes equipped with two, independently controlled, moving seats, designed to pivot and rotate on a horizontal axis towards one another.

No more supporting your own weight or the weight of your partner - this machine does it for you. No more difficulties maintaining that perfect position - this machine does it for you. No more problems easing into that perfect spot - this machine does it for you. So guys, let your girl be your new Jane Fonda, and girls, let your guy be your new Richard Simmons. It's time to exercise with the Human Sexual Fitness Machine

Jennifer Lane
Guest Blogger