Oh! For Pearly White Teeth

Brush your teeth after every meal. Brush properly. Spend time on your teeth, they are a big asset. No one likes people with dirty teeth....the oft repeated words of dentists round the world. Words all of us have heard through our growing up ears.

And so, the search for perfect pearly whites continues. But this time the answer lies not in a dentist's chair, but in a new gizmo.

The Ionic Teeth Whitener uses a special blue LED light to whiten teeth. After the initial shock of trying to visualize a LED in my mouth, I started learning more about the contraption.

One has to apply the whitening gel that comes with the LED unit on the teeth and then place the LED in the mouth. The light from the LED activates silver ions in the whitening gel, resulting in pearly white teeth. The instructions say that one has to place the LED in the mouth for 2 minutes. Re apply two more times ina space of 21 minutes. Technical? Of course it is.

And that is not all; The Ionic Teeth Whitener has to be re used once or twice a week to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Also the time taken to whiten the teeth depends on the kind of stain and the duration it has been there for. The Ionic Teeth Whitener claims to be effective on all kinds of stains like tea, coffee, tobacco, soda, wine and the likes.

The Ionic Teeth Whitener kit incluedes the mouthpiece with light(the gizmo that goes into the mouth), 3 gel applications, 2 spray rinse bottles, and complete instructions (what would we do without clear, complete instructions...I wonder)? The Ionic Teeth Whitener uses one 9 volt battery, included. Before you start asking the obvious, refill kits are also available.

The Ionic Teeth Whitener is priced at $30.

The price we pay for a perfect smile.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot