Perk Up With Perkative

Have trouble getting through the day? Low energy levels and lower enthusiasm? Perkative the latest entrant in the energy drink market could just be the thing for you. The energy drink Perkative, is currently the most powerfully caffeinated beverage available in the market. Its creators are sure that no other beverage in the market has levels of caffeine as high as those in Perkative. Perkative has been created under scientific conditions to retain pharmaceutical levels of caffeine.

Charles Constantine, Omid Sadri, and Kaspar Spurgeon-Heinrici are the brains behind this innovative energy drink. These graduate students of the Pratt Institute worked to produce a beverage that would challenge all other such drinks available.

Perkative is available over the counter from local Perkative pharmacists in a special pill bottle cups. Perkative is a sound commentary on the rapidly growing energy drink culture and its impact on our society.

Via: Sensory Impact

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot

Apr 16, 2007
by Anonymous Cliff Hanger (not verified)

So, how much caffeine does it contain???

It is "supposed" to have the highest level, but isn't it true that other caffeinated drinks do not disclose how much caffeine is in the drinks?  Some are allegedly quite high--so how much more would this drink need to contain in order to exceed the unknown (but high) amounts in other drinks?