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KX-TGA573SKX-TGA573SLooking for a great video baby monitor?

When I had my first baby (who is now 5 years old), we bought a video baby monitor. We thought it was the coolest thing that we could watch our child while he was sleeping without him seeing us. The problem was that it was too big and a bit too bright. The screen had to be about four inches wide. So when we went to bed and left the monitor on (yes, like a typical first time mom), it pretty much lit up our entire room. Also, it was a huge eyesore on my dresser. Luckily, you can avoid all that now.

Panasonic has come along with the KX-TGA573S Panasonic 5.8 GHz FHSS GigaRange® Expandable Digital Cordless Camera. It is essentially a video monitor that can be used with any compatable Panasonic color phone handset. With it, you can easily monitor your baby or children from any other room in the house. You can also use it in an office to monitor the reception area or office entrance. You can even use it at home to monitor your front door. The options are limitless!

How cool is that? Phone and baby video monitor all in one. I can imagine it is going to be a big hit for all those who want to avoid the extra clutter.

KX-TG5776SKX-TG5776SThe Digital Cordless Camera is intended to be used with the KX-TG5700 expandable series (which includes KX-TG5766S/ KX-TG5776S/ KX-TG5777S). It can also be used with the KX-TG5761S/ KX-TG5771S/ KX-TG5767S series if an accessory KX-TGA571S (color handset) is also purchased.

When I started the research on this video monitor/phone, I thought you had to buy it with the Panasonic KX-TG5776S 5.8 GHz cordless expandable phone (but as you can see above, there are a number of different Panasonic phones you can use with the KX-TGA573S). But the research is already done, so here's my write up on the Panasonic KX-TG5776S 5.8 GHz cordless expandable phone.

Panasonic seems to have thought of everything with this phone. Here's the lowdown:

  • You just need one base unit for all the handsets (it comes with one but you can add up to 8) so each additional handset does not require a separate phone jack.
  • It lets you upload unlimited free recordings of your favorite songs or sounds that you can set as your telephone ringer. All you need is the included audio cable and the music or sounds. Maximum recording time is 2 minutes.
  • There is a digital answering machine with up to 21 minutes of recording time, plus such features as pre-recorded outgoing message, remote operation, Tollsaver, and skip-and-repeat.
  • It has talking caller ID (so you don't have to get up to look at the phone to see who's calling).
  • The handset has a speakerphone.
  • The phone has a 1.5 inch LCD screen.
  • You can have a combination of 8 phones and digital cordless cameras as a part of the expandable system (5 phones and 3 cameras, 4 phones and 4 cameras, ... you get it).

Just wanted to emphasize that the Panasonic Digital Cordless Camera (KX-TGA573S) must be used with a compatible Panasonic color phone handset. The Panasonic Digital Cordless Camera (KX-TGA573S) is just one cool accessory that is compatible with these Panasonic phones.

Now, you can monitor your baby and still sleep in a dark room again.

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Sep 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

This is a terrific find.

This is a terrific find. Have anyone tried this yet?

Sep 30, 2006
by Kaz (not verified)

I got this phone about a

I got this phone about a month ago, and love it. One thing not mentioned is that, if you don't want the talking caller ID, you can set different songs for different people as well. We don't have caller ID, but we do have Banana Phone as the ring tone on one of our handsets.

Also, you can upload custom wallpaper for the screen if you like.

We do not have the camera - my daughter is old enough we don't really need it, but I like the fact that if we have another, we can purchase this option.

I love the fact that only the base needs to be plugged into a phone line, too. Our last phone had that, but this system is so much nicer. You can also tell if you have messages from any handset, and can listen to those messages from any handset, as well.

The only feature my last phone system like this had that this one doesn't that would be nice would be different ringer volumes for different times of day (louder during the day, and quieter at night).

Otherwise, I love this phone!

Jan 2, 2008
by Ken (not verified)


Well, after this article and all of the hooplah about this system, we bucked up and bought the whole system with Camera.


1) it is not full motion.

2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, IT DOES NOT STAY ON FOR LONGER THAN 10 minutes at a time! You won't find this tidbit anywhere on their site or the web. But you will find a little note in the manual for the Monitoring section that says:

"The monitoring connection is automatically cancelled after 10 minutes"


Now, those that don't have kids won't understand, but when we want to monitor, we don't the camera to go off after 10 minutes!

Panasonic, this author and others touting this as a great baby monitor are misleading those of us seeking a 5.8ghz solution into buying (then having to return) these units!

Hope this saves someone money and time.