Pino Funnel

PinoPinoI use a funnel pretty regularly in my daily life. To pour oil from the canister into my dispenser, to fill fuel into my car, to store paints after redoing a wall in my house...I am sure you get the idea.

Funnels, though seeming inconsequential are anything but. Imagine having to pour fuel into your bike out of a 5 gallon jar without a funnel. Sure to be a horrible experience.

Pinocchio is a well loved international character. I am sure most of us have read or heard his tale. Every time he lied, his nose would grow tall...

Designer Stefano Giovannoni has had the brainwave of incorporating Pinocchio and his long nose and the very functional funnel to create the very whimsical Pino: A Funnel that looks like Pinocchio's face. The long nose serves as the tube of the funnel.

Guaranteed to bring a smile to ones face among the humdrum of life.

Available in green, the Pino funnel is priced at $15.


Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer

May 30, 2007
by Anonymous M.E. (not verified)

Wouldn't Pinocchio

make a better plunger?