New Way to Carry Your Laptop - Pizza Box Case

I am in the market for a travel case for my laptop. It was pretty clear from visiting a few stores this weekend that the utilitarian and very boring black bag is pretty much what's available. How amazingly hohum! Why is it that the mass merchandisers all carry the same items?

I decided not to purchase anything and look for some more interesting options on line. How fortunate for me that in checking out one of my favorite websites Attu Sees All this morning, I found an unusual laptop case that I thought was pretty fun.

The 14" Power Pizza from is a laptop disguise.  It's handmade in London using genuine italian-style pizza boxes for maximum authenticity. They claim its "anti-theft, anti-shock, anti-style. You can see more details for it here.

If not the Pizza Box Laptop Case, perhaps the Pizza Messenger Bag?

Nov 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Anti-theft, anti-shock and anti-style BUT

it isn't anti-maintenance. I can imagine someone leaving this "pizza" laptop box on one's desk at work, only to return from lunch and discover that maintenance has discarded it when emptying the trash can. Ooops--too late.

Feb 28, 2008
by Anonymous



May 23, 2008
by Anonymous


this is aboulutely stupid who thought of it i am like omg riight now!!!!!!
i wouldnt put ya laptop in dere. i wouldnt even touch that box!!!!lo0l HAHA
OMG!!!!! hahahaha you make a laugh