Playboy Beach Towel: Inventive Marketing

I decided to try from time to time to post what I think are ingenious ways to market products.

My first pick is this terrific Beach Towel from Playboy

Here are the stats from Ads of the World. Thanks Oink

Agency: Grey, Argentina, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Pablo Gil, Sebastian Garin, Alejandro Iglesias
Copywriter: Dauquen Chabeldin, Martin Dofou
Art Director: Diego Rubio, Cristian Feichtenslager

What do you think?

Jan 18, 2007
by Michelle
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Hi Dane:Thank you for your

Hi Dane:

Thank you for your suggestion. It sounds really interesting and I will go take a look when I get the chance.



Jan 19, 2007
by Roger Brown
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I love the Playboy towel. I can see other magazine covers like Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue being used. I also checked out the website. This is a very creative ad campaign that I believe we will see soon in the U.S.
It seems there are still good ideas floating around out there.

Jul 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Playboy Towell

I love this towell but have been unable to find it available to purchase.  Can anyone tell me where to buy this?