Stop Playing With Your Food

Stop playing with your food....

How many times have you heard that being said? Or said/shouted it to your offspring for that matter.

But the best part of childhood is the imagination. The ability of a child's mind to go on trips of fantasy is immense. To make something out of nothing. To dream about lands unseen, with eyes wide open...the joys of childhood.

Another must-do on every child's list is to play with food. Spinach can transform into ‘yucky mush', peas into footballs, fries and ketchup into bloodied swords...WOWIE!

Who said food is meant only to be eaten?

Definitely not a kid.

Food is to be played with, and when Mom really looses it, quickly gobble down a few mouthfuls.

Capturing both these essential elements of every child's life is the Puzzle Dinner Tray. With it eating is sure to become a fun activity.

The tray has been designed by Wendy Boudewijns who graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005. Since then she has started her own design studio; focusing on design, styling and interiors. Wendy won the Red Dot Award for this Puzzle Dinner Tray.

Apart from the fun elemnt the Puzzle Dinner Tray will help children learn about correct table settings early in life.

Made up of melamine, each set includes a large spoon, fork, knife, small spoon, cup, plate, and a tray with non-slip feet.

With the Puzzle Dinner Tray , parents just might end up saying the magical words..."Start playing with your food."

Meal times just got a lot more interesting.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot