Is Pod Living For You?

pod 1pod 1So I know you like your iPod, and pea pods, and those weird Japanese pod style hotels (ok, maybe not) but I offer a few words of caution if you are considering investing in one of the latest design ideas to hit the market: the luxury pod. Designed by Jagger and labeled "the Boho Pods" these large box structures are meant to be an innovative solution for limited space, and they very well can be. Yet, before you slap down some cash for one of these, seriously consider its purpose.

Ok, before you label me as the naysayer of all things pod, let me first tell you what I like about the Boho Pod. I think in the right space, the pods can work. Granted it’s like having a walk-in closet right in the middle of the room, but for studio apartments and open houses, the pods could be functional for turning one large space into three. For instance, say you’ve got a great room that comprises your kitchen and living room. Well, pod-o-rize it; you can now have kitchen, living room and perhaps a nice sitting room for more intimate conversation or telephone use. Also, I like the proposed idea of having a kitchen unit on one of the outside walls. All these ideas work within reason, but there are a few suggestions that I would recommend steering clear of.

pod 3pod 3Like I said, the kitchen on the outside is kosher, but if you’re thinking that the pod itself would make a great free standing kitchen, I urge you to remember what you actually do in a kitchen. You cook ... with heat. Heat can cause fire ... and smoke. Both of which—so I’ve heard—are deadly combinations in small spaces. If you have a little too much wine during preparation which inevitably causes you to burn your foix gras (that you swore you knew how to cook because Emeril Lagassi showed you how on Food Network), you’re going to end up with a Boho smoke bomb. I’m also going to go ahead and venture a guess that those pristinely lacquered walls are quite susceptible to smoke damage.

pod 2pod 2If we are talking worst case scenarios, then a kitchen pod seems like a pretty bad idea. But, Jagger actually proposes the pods could be used for a full bathroom, a concept that would be immediately regretted after the first of many embarrassing moments. Again, let’s recap the purpose of the bathroom. You shower there…naked. You pick, prod, rub, clean, scrub and, most importantly, excrete. Excuse the vivid language but picture this:

Scene 1: You and your significant other are hosting a dinner party and the guests are arriving early. You’ve yet to take a shower but people are already sitting in the living area which, as the photo suggests, is right outside the bathroom. Considering it’s the only bathroom in your overly priced Soho loft, you have no choice but to take a shower--your nude silhouette visible the whole time--and then make the walk of shame back to your bedroom with only a towel to cover you; or, you can bring your outfit for the night in with you and get dressed in the steamy pod causing your clothes to stick to your moist skin. Ew.

Scene 2: Same dinner party. You, your partner, or a guest really enjoyed the mini crab cakes, perhaps to excess, and now they aren’t sitting so well. You head to the bathroom pod to relieve yourself and it gets a little more intense than you expected. Are these pods soundproof? To a degree I’m sure, but I doubt they will completely mute the sound of your, uh, release, and everyone knows that can be a real killjoy during a good conversation about Project Runway. Also, lest we forget, that little crab cake binge is going to make the bathroom inaccessible for at least 20 minutes unless you have a tray of nose plugs outside the bathroom door in case of emergency.

All that being said, I think I’ve made my point about the uses and should-not-uses of the Boho Pod. However, if you really like Jagger’s design and you are sure you can ameliorate the pitfalls of the pod, by all means go ahead and pod it up. Still, be weary of the foix gras and don’t serve crab cakes at your dinner parties.

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