Popable, Shareable and Eatable Fashion

Along with working out and feeling good on the inside it would be nice to also look good on the outside. Unfortunately, with the decline in my fitness, my sense of style has diminished too. Naturally I've turned to magazines, friends, family and the ever so versatile Internet for some help. Though all the tasteful tips and advice have been useful and appreciated, nothing has been more eye opening and entertaining as the search for style on the Internet, be it my style or not.

For example, did you know that bubble wrap could be used for more than just protecting items in a package while in shipment? Ever consider using it as clothing? Capes, vests, skirts, ballcaps, baby doll blouses, business suits, and even wedding dresses are all designs of clothing from Bubblebodywear and made with the wonderful and fun to pop bubble wrap material. Although this line of clothing isn't what I had in mind (maybe the baby doll blouse would be okay) I find it oddly innovative that someone would consider bubble wrap as a wearable and fashionable material. At least they did. It appears Bubblebodywear is no longer in business. What a shame. I can only imagine the loud fun one would have with a partner, popping away the material. Pictures of this unique line of clothing can still be seen at the Bubblebodywear website here, if you would like to take a look.

Another innovative find was the couch dress from the Pantalaine Family Store at South Bend, IN. It's a custom fit made dress made for one person and her couch. Yes, her couch! For $349 you or I could be sitting on our couch wearing this blanket-looking-thing with pride, smiling like the lady in the ad. At the same store outfits like the "baby on board" pants with a removable onesie, the "pillow fighter pants", the classic "hug jacket", the "v-neck elbow rubbing sweater", the "joint polo" shirts, the "wind-up dress-up" dresses and so much more can be found. I was unable to find out if this store really exists or did at one time, but can you imagine if it did? The first thing I would get would be the "hug jacket" and what wouldn't I do to get my hands on the "sweat-heart sweet-shirt" or the "friendly-feet" flip flops. To take a look at this creative way of combining clothes sharing go to the website and think of the closeness you can be sharing with your family and friends thanks to Pantalaine.

Last but not least, is the puffy wedding dress. Though I have no need for a wedding dress, it was interesting to find that a 28 year old chef, Valentyn Shtefano, created a 20 pound wedding dress made out of 1500 cream puffs. Why? Because he can. It took him two months to make it for his bride Viktoriya, who wore the dress for hours to the couple's reception in August of last year. It's not by any means flattering to her figure or to any woman's figure, I imagine, but wearing something like this is bound to turn plenty heads in admiration, curiosity and let's hope not, hunger. I must admit I am curious to know what happened to the dress. Did she eat it?

So you see, fashion can be amazing. It's now all shine and glamour. In fact some of it can be popable, shareable or even eatable if you put your mind to it.

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Mar 13, 2007
by Anonymous B. Demented (not verified)

Puffy Wedding Dress: The Real Reason

It looks more like popcorn, but in either event, someone apparently already popped her cherry.


(Hope this isn't too X-rated; no one else commented, so I decided to write my gut reaction.)