Five Amazing Ways to Use Portable Solar Power

Solar energy isn’t just for your backyard. You can carry it with you too, wherever you go.

Whether you’re traveling to a remote place for business, vacationing on a mountain, shopping nonstop for hours, camping in the wild, visiting family out of town or just walking from class to class on campus, you can now power up with solar energy.

How? More and more, solar panels are being added to clothing, bags and accessories, as people become aware of the value and convenience of solar energy. Never worry about your cell phones, laptops or any other electronics you may own, running out of power again. Whether you have an electrical source to plug your electronics into or not, solar energy will be available to charge and use (free) in just about the same amount of time as an outlet.

Below are just a few of “on the go” solar energy products. Take a look. Which solar energy product is right for you?


Juice BagJuice Bag1. The Juice Bag

Need portable power? Say you’re in the military, a modern traveler, a college student or causal business person stuck in the middle of nowhere and you need to charge up your electronic devices. Take off the light weight Juice Bag you’ve been wearing all day. Connect your electronic devices to the cigarette lighter adapter and then let your electronics charge up. A Juice Bag is a worldwide patented solar backpack with flexible ballistic nylon solar panels which makes it lighter and easier to carry compared to solar bags with stiff glass solar panels. The Juice Bag can charge any 12 volt electronic product, such as: cell phones, gps units, battery chargers. It can generate electricity in direct sunlight as well as indirect sunlight (although direct sunlight charges faster). Pick from six different colors: red, black, grey, green, camo and yellow. Carry it as a shoulder bag or a back pack. It doesn’t matter. The choice is yours. See Solar Product


Power PocketPower Pocket2. The Power Pocket

Need an even lighter and smaller portable power that is easy to hide away in your car, bag or under your clothes (no questions asked)? Get the Power Pocket. It serves the same purpose as the Juice Bag, but in a smaller version. Choose between two different sizes: 6.5 watts or the 12 watts. Opened, the 6.5 watt power pocket is as big as 29 1/2 x 9 x 1/32 in (75 x 23 x 0.08 cm). Closed, it is as small as 5 x 9 x ½ in (13 x 23 x 1.3 cm). In other words, the Power Pocket is small enough to tuck away when you no longer need it and wide enough to charge whatever you need. When you are finished using it, just fold it up and put it away. It is that simple and that convenient. See Solar Product



SeV Solar PanelSeV Solar PanelSolar JacketSolar Jacket3. The SeV Solar Panel

Don’t like the Juice Bag or Power Pocket idea? Is it cold outside? Are you in-law-enforcement? Or do you need extra storage for all the extra stuff you carry around, but hate to carry bags? Try the SeV Solar Panel with the multi-pocket jacket. It’s a specially designed solar panel that neatly inserts into a specially designed jacket. The SeV Solar Panel doesn’t need the jacket to work, but the jacket does come in handy when you need a place to store all your electronics or need something to keep you warm in cold weather. Like the Juice Bag and the Power Pocket you can charge your electronic devices in direct or indirect sunlight, but it is only compatible with USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices. The SeV Solar Panel weighs about 3 oz. The material it is made of is waterproof FineTex. Which means you can wear it even if your sunny day turns into an unexpected shower. As long as you don’t soak the panel in water or leave it out for days in heavy rains, the SeV will fair well and continue to serve its purpose. See Solar Product via Treehugger


Power PursePower Purse4. The Solarjo Power Purse

Need something solar that makes you feel a little more lady like, looks cute and gives you power? Try the Power Purse. That’s right. It is a purse that can power up your smaller electronics. The purse was designed in a handbag competition in an experimental garment design class by Joe Hynek, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering. The black purse is covered with laminated solar panels and has a short plastic handle to hold on to. Go shopping with it, take it to wherever it is you like to take purses and never worry about your cell phone dieing again. See Solar Product


Sun TrapSun Trap5. The Sun Trap

At your car door and can’t find your keys because you haven’t cleaned your purse in months or its too dark out in the parking lot? You could do the safe thing and take out your keys before stepping out into a dark parking lot. You could also take a hint and clean your purse. Or you could always opt instead for the Sun Trap. The Sun Trap is a solar powered purse that captures the sun’s light during the day and lights up the inside of the purse at night. Find your keys, a sticky piece of melted gum or your cell phone when you unzip your purse. As soon as it is unzipped a blue light will come on for 15 seconds. You can also use the stored energy to charge up your cell phone if you need. See Solar Product


So now that you know you don’t need to be wired down to confined spaces with little sunlight waiting for your electronics to charge, take a step outside. Then take a breath of fresh air. Stretch your arms, your legs, your back and go. Go as far as you want, for as long as you want. Take pleasure in the idea that you are now free from electrical outlets, car engines and high electric prices. Thanks to solar energy, no matter where you are, you will always stay connected, informed, and on the go. You don’t need to be the on the go person either to take advantage of these products.

If you aren’t on the go, maybe you know someone who is, a friend or loved one. Take advantage and give them the gift of solar energy.

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Mar 13, 2007
by jim (not verified)

solar small energy

i think about the small solar cell to power to 2 to 5 watt to get charging the mobile phone,camra,videoplayer, and laptop's in the deep area's all over like india, asi a, south africa where the electricty is too short the and no chance of electricty so far



Dec 5, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

.i was thinking of making

.i was thinking of making something similar for myself. i guess a solar jacket will be more relevant in india where im from because there is not much of a carrying bag culture here..especially a bag pack. i wanted to know how much did it actually take to make one these?