Press Releases

Looking for a way to get media attention and buzz for your invention or product?
A press release can be helpful.

To send out a press release, you can do it yourself or use a service. 

Basically, with a press release, you are trying to share with journalists a news worthy story. So the first thing to do in considering a press release is whether you have a sotry worth sharing and how you should present the story so that it is most shareable. 

Marketing Donut has a terrific article on what they cite as their "complete guide" to writing a press release. It includes information on what you should typically put in a press release and the best ways to target and get your press release to journalists that may be more likely to be interested in covering your story.   

There are clear established norms and formats you should follow in creating and distributing your press release so you need to make sure your press release fits those guidelines in order to increase the chances for a successful distribution.

Here are some additional helpful materials on handling press releases for your new product: Helpful Materials

Free Press Release Publication and Distribution

  • PressExposure - free basic press release distribution service

  • PRLeap - free basic press release distribution service

  • Free-Press-Release-Center - free basic press release distribution service with limited distribution

  • PRWeb - Well know press release service. Minimum service is $80, up to several hundred for premium service and distribution.