Prey - The Next Great Video Game?

Passionate about video games, our Guest Blogger Matt Wood is a young writer from the great city of Seattle, Washington. He is almost always listening to music and his all-time favorite video games include Sim City 4, Halo 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and the classic game Frogger.

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Looking out your window one warm summer night, would YOU expect to see big blue lights coming from some kind of giant aircraft hovering over your family-owned bar? I certainly wouldn't, and if this were to happen, I would like to think it would bring a whole new meaning of "UFO" to mind. Thinking hard about this phenomenon waiting in the wings, I tried out the new hit game Prey, developed by Human Head Studios , produced by 3D Realms, and published by 2K Games. (Prey Home Page)

This new Science Fiction first person shooter was released on June 22nd, 2006. Prey is a peculiar game mainly because it had been in development since 1995, meaning it had been in development on and off for over a decade. This isn't the only interesting thing about the game, however, and after close observation, one would notice such things as storyline, strange objects and other material throughout the game that could draw adequate attention.

The storyline of this game starts with a young man named Tommy. Tommy is of Cherokee Indian descent, but opposes living on the reservation and does not follow ancient rituals, for which he is often chastised over from his grandfather and girlfriend. You enter the game in what appears to be his grandfather's bar, and are soon thrust into the main gameplay when you get in a bar fight with a pair of men heckling your girlfriend, who is serving them drinks. Soon after this event occurs, the bar begins to shake and shutter, and the roof of the bar is torn off. At this point you can see the belly of a monstrous ship shining bright blue beams of light into the bar. Before you, or anybody for that matter, can do anything, your girlfriend, grandfather, and you are all sucked up into the "belly of the beast." And off you go into the land of Prey.

Strange things happen after you're aboard the ship. Once reawakening on the ship, the three of you are strapped to metal carriers taking you somewhere. After awhile of helplessly riding through some pretty big compartments, the rail seems to break, and you simply fall onto the ground, bringing you to the beginning of the gameplay on the ship. This is interesting because all you have to fight with is a wrench that you had from the bar. Apparently, the aliens didn't bother to strip-search you for weapons.

Aliens on PreyAliens on Prey

Walking through some metal hallways, you soon realize that the walls of the ship seem to be... Well, alive. To showcase this, some doorways appear to be stomach-like contraptions that, as you approach, slowly open with a disgusting squelching noise, revealing a round doorway for you to walk through. This may seem disturbing, but as you progress through the game, this strange occurrence becomes even more disturbing as openings that look similar to these doorways begin to appear, and start "vomiting" a dark green, liquid substance that diminishes your health.