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Prototyping Your Invention Ideas Into Products

Need to make a sample or prototype of your idea or invention? Need tips on rapid prototyping?

Turning Ideas Into Products: Expert Tips For Invention Prototypes - By Chris Hawker

(Detailed and Helpful Step-by-Step Overview of Invention Prototyping Process)

Helpful Resources from InventorSpot.com

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Advice on Prototyping

Prototyping Resources

  • Industrial Arts Suppoy Co - Good resource for Woodworking Products, Pewter Castings, Rcoket Kits, etc.

  • Small Parts, Inc. - Industrial Supplies and Hardware Parts for Researchers and Developers

  • WoodWorker's Supply - Huge selection of woodworking tools, harware and supplies.

  • TechShop - Open Access Public  Workshop in Menlo Park, California - join them and use their extensive resource of tools, machine and equipment by the day, month or year. Workshop for people who like to work with their hands with metals, plastics, wood and electronics but do not have access to a shop or equipment.