PUR Flavored Water

Sometimes I think when a new invention comes out, we need to ask ourselves why it should be invented?

Case in point, the Pur Flavor for your tap. It’s kind of like fixing up your tap so it can immediately distribute flavor to your water. It comes in strawberry, peach, or raspberry flavors that do not contain sugar, fat, or carbs. Essentially, you now have Crystal Light on tap.

I suppose I should have saw this coming. You ask any kid to choose between Kool-Aid and plain water, and he’ll take the flavored goodness any day. I don’t even drink plain water unless I have no other options. I slurp on the soda if I can.

Let’s just imagine a world where regular water is a memory, such is the subject of the story for today.

Just Plain Water

“Any what type of water would you like with your meal? We have cherry, watermelon, lemon, lime, lemon/lime, blue raspberry, root beer, cola, and dr. pepper.”

“I’ll take the cola.”

“Lemon looks good for me.”

“So what do you think you’ll have?”

“I don’t know. Say, what is that guy having?”

“Well, ask him.”

“All right. Hey, buddy, what’s that you’re drinking?”


“Oh come on, that’s alcohol, right?”

“No, just what I said.”

“But look at it, you can see right through it. What flavor is that?”

“There is no flavor. I got it plain.”

“What do you mean, plain?”

“That’s what the waitress said. She had to have her supervisor make it for me. Guess she’s never turned off the flavor filters before.”

“You know, I heard that you could do that, but…I just never wanted to. Everyone always told me that it’s too plain.”

“Say, do you mind if I try some of that?”

“Knock yourself out.”

He took the water, and hesitated, as if it contained poison. After a quick sip, he put it down.

“Uh, tastes awful.”

The stranger laughed at him.

“What’s so funny?”

“You will never know what it’s like to die of thirst, but you may die for lack of flavor.”

The three of them looked at each other, not certain who the joke was on.

I’m not certain whether I like my water plain. I suppose it is impossible to describe the taste of water, but I would hate it if we lost our taste for it entirely. However, you keep putting flavors on the tap, and we could easily get turned off by something plain and ordinary as water. Via OhGizmo!

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Jun 5, 2007
by admin2015
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This totally reminded me of the flavored water skit in Idiocracy. We're on our way!