Radio Controlled Lawn Mower

The link is for a video of my Radio Controlled Lawn Mower, I am working on a full website for my lawn mower. I will post it some time early next year.
Patent Status: Patented

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Nov 28, 2006
by matt (not verified)

r.c lawnmower

Hi, i have seen the video for your lawnmower and it looks pretty good. For our degree project we have to build one of these r.c lawnmowers. Do you have any information on how you built it and what you used to this. Any info would be moat grateful. Cheers

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

How lazy are you to make a

How lazy are you to make a remote controlled lawn mower? lol I can't deny it's a great idea though. Even better if the mower was bigger. It would take a long time to get big lawns done.