Random Good Links: December 7, 2006

It's been a while and some of these may be a tiny bit stale, but here are some random good links I have seen around the web:

Nothing to do with Arbroath always has some funny stuff. From what they have this week, I like "How to be the perfect boyfriend" (video), which is kind of cute and oh so true.

I think this is a great way to tell people you think are stupid, that they are stupid. Read it at Backward Five.

Love cheese doodles? -Love Cheese Doodle Art ? from always good Unique Daily

Finnish video on how to dance disco via Utterly Boring . Weirdly fascinating. Like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Amazing Spy Cameras via Knuttz.net

Pitoche has cute illustrations on the eternal truth about men and women.

Attu has the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Davezilla has truly overdone movie cliches for cops and strippers.

Manny has the Pop Up Book of Sex.

The Best Weblogs List is out. I saw it here at Madville.

Hacked Gadgets has detail on how to make a blue laser. Super Cool

There's tons more great links out there, but I am short on time so I will post again soon.