Rapid Victim Extrication Tool

Hydraulic powered, battery operated rescue tool that is faster and safer than the jaws of life. With this invention, you do not have to put the rescuer in the vehicle with the patient to remove the dash board of the victim trapped in a auto accident. It takes an average person approximately 3-4 minutes to set up and it folds compactly in any fire engine compartment.
phil gadsby and dave pacilieo
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Patent Status: Patented
Invention Status: in process of obtaining provisional patent
Nov 24, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)



Nov 16, 2008
by Anonymous

Neither practical nor feasible but keep trying.

As a Paramedic with 17+ years of EMS experience, I don't see this ever being used by Heavy Rescue personnel. Operation of the device relies on the vehicle being stable enough to work around, resting on all four wheels, and on a non-compressible surface such as the roadway. If the crashed vehicle is on grass or another loose surface OR if the hood/windsheild are also displaced preventing proper placement of the tool, it doesn't appear to be able to be used.

Generally, when a vehicle is damaged to the point of needing tools to remove/displace major sections to extricate the patient, time is of the essence. 3-4 minutes of set-up time and an unknown amount of operation time is way too long when a bottle jack, a hydraulic rescue tool or a combination of both is easier to deploy, does not require additional training and practice time for rescue personnel, works almost regardless of the position of the vehicle and is not limited to only those vehicles of a size to which this RVE tool can be fitted.

Feb 24, 2010
by Anonymous

this guy is a tool himslef

I have been a paramedic for twenty years working along side of the 15 freeway from barstow to vegas. When you have sen the major injuries that I have seen you would know what ur talking about. You probabaly work 1-2 calls per day in some shit hole little NOT A REAL dept. I think these guys are spot on GOOD JOB hope it takes off for you