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July 16

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May 25

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April 26

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April 4

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February 6

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January 28

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January 3

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October 23

A Bad Idea in a Silk Suit is Still a Bad Idea by roger brown

September 18

Check out Make48 by stephenkey
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August 29

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August 25

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August 13

A Patent Search Is Not The Holy Grail by roger brown

August 5

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July 20

Add to the List of Terms That Inventors Should Know by roger brown

July 16

Is Your Patent Pending Status or Issued Patent Still Valid? by roger brown

May 2

3 Best inventing books by michelle

January 21

All-American Makers by inventor-x

October 11

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October 10

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October 5

Invention Having Global Scale And Global Decisive Importance by plurality

September 27

Free electricity generator by freddyboy

April 11

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March 12

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February 24

Smallest Petrol Engine by roger brown

January 31

ThingamaBob by inventor-x
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December 15

New Toilet Plunger by bilbo

November 13

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October 5

Finalist in Wal-Mart "Get on the Shelf"/Webisode Oct. 8th by olugbenga

September 25

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August 20

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August 14

Does a provisional patent start as soon as it is filed by some call me tim

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April 19

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March 3

virtual prototype services by val2

December 25

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November 3

School Project: Temporary/Low-Tack on Silicone Products by olugbenga

October 4

Inventors! Open Product Search! by myra per-lee

September 28

New Book: $Selling to American People by kangaroov

September 25

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September 18

eargasm by thien63

September 15

land,sea, and air vehicle. all in one by thien63
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September 13 Launching Dreams by alanamron
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Non-disclosure statement question by alanamron

August 22

Sell Sheets by artbum

August 18

Hi to all by alanamron
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August 14

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July 23

Provisional Process Changed/Changing? by contextion

July 3

Licensing assignment deal by atthelake

June 4

From the UIA Board President by roger brown

June 2

Video of Steve Key! Good info by atthelake

May 20

Leverage when Licensing under PPA ? by kaa1260

April 16

Light bulb of the future will be $60, but with rebates ... by jackbnimble56

April 11

Odorless and Overflow-less Toilet System by mopar78

April 9

Inventor Thanks Roger Brown and Mark Reyland by atthelake

April 4

I would appreciate your vote!! by inventor-x
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March 28

INFO on branding / web presence by atthelake

March 16

Jokes/Pranks & Novelty Candy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ by curious george

March 13 by atthelake

March 11

free bicycle invention by jackbnimble56

March 2

Why EVERYONE should File a Provisional Patent Application by roger brown

February 18

The Magic Toob wins the The Next Big Zing Award! by jackbnimble56

February 17

Latest sales numbers... by jackbnimble56

February 6

Wanted to point out the importance of .com availability by atthelake

February 4

Treat your customers well and they'll reward you! by jackbnimble56
Magic Toob Hits Monthly Sales Record by jackbnimble56

January 21

What are some ways to help be more creative? by atthelake

January 8

Deleted by roger brown

January 3

10 Things You Should Stop Paying for in 2012 by jackbnimble56

January 2

London calling... by jackbnimble56

December 12

Inertia motion engine by zelf

December 8

How does the copyright of a company name work? by kubrick19

November 20

Golf on the Moon? Ready to Golf? Lighted Golf Ball by minnesotainventor

November 13

Liquer Bottle Designs (Trade Dress) by curious george

November 11

Lesson # 32 You Need To Have Realistic Expectations by roger brown
Mark Reyland lied his way into the UIA by tania

November 1

Snuggie inspires more inventors to find next sensation by atthelake

October 29

FAQ: Should I copyright or trademark my logo? by atthelake

October 27

My Second Invention Brought To Market by citizen

October 24

NEW Inventors Spotlight at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show by minnesotainventor

October 23

Does Being Obsessive and Harassing Help You Succeed? by roger brown

October 21

Harvey Reese Associates is a Scam Do Not use by jackbnimble56

October 17

** In talks with a potential licensee - HELP! ** by amrten

October 13

Lesson #27 Quit Posting Your Invention on Youtube & Facebook by roger brown

October 11

Does a patent guarantee you will get your money back? by roger brown

October 9

Lesson # 31 Are You Even Bothering To Do ANY Research? by roger brown

October 8

You Are Not Doing Thorough Research On Your Idea by roger brown

September 25

How a Start-Up Landed Shelf Space at Wal-Mart . by jackbnimble56

September 20

Patent reform... by jackbnimble56

September 19

How did you find out about the Magic Toob? by anonymous

September 1

Whens it right to do multiple LLCs to protect yourself? by atthelake

August 31

Egg peeling device - need a co-inventor by jackbnimble56
Inventor's Digest Magazine's Inventor Group List by roger brown

August 30

Eggies... by jackbnimble56

August 29

Lesson # 29 Be Careful What You Say It Can Cost You by anonymous

August 27

Please promote my idea at- by jake

August 23

Lesson #30 Are You the Only Inventor on the Planet? by roger brown

August 22

The Inventor Chronicles by citizen

August 18

That's a lot of bulbs... by roger brown
A simple note of thanks.... by roger brown

August 17

Invention Submisson Company Horror Stories by anonymous

August 13

Product, Price, Presentation, and a ton of Patience by roger brown

August 10

Inventing, Taxes, Financials, and advice by citizen

July 23

Looking for joint-venture on my invention. by syawedis
Landmark Direct... by jackbnimble56

July 22

USPTO California Regional Inventors Conference by stephenkey
It's about how we act...Not how we look by roger brown

July 21

Visit the Edison & Ford Winter Estates in Florida by roger brown
Inventor groups helping others achieve their dreams by roger brown

July 15

Vikash licensed his idea to an As-Seen-On-TV company. by stephenkey
Did the company say they will only look at patented ideas? by stephenkey

July 11

Pfffftt!! Those Sharks Don't Know What They're Missing... by jackbnimble56

July 10

Hi from Toymaker by toymaker

July 7

NASA Contest - Support Inventors by roger brown

July 5

Went Shark hunting but missed the next boat... by atthelake

June 28

Pressing the flesh... by jackbnimble56

June 26

Latest Testimonial... by jackbnimble56

June 25

Free equity stake in Online patent selling business by roger brown

June 22

Can you really patent a mouse click? by anonymous

June 21

Website Tune-UP... by jackbnimble56

June 20

Do you have the next great Beauty, Kitchen or Indoor/Outdoor by jackbnimble56

June 19

My Inventor's Digest Articles by anonymous

June 17

Customer Service... by stephenkey

June 15

1 + 1 = 3 Dozen... by anonymous
Stair Square,,,Derek Pater...Inventor by jackbnimble56
Louis Foreman of Edisonnation on Fox News by jackbnimble56

June 14

How to Read Patent Claims by patentagent
Quirky ideas anyone? by jackbnimble56

June 13

Creating a Sell Sheet for Your Invention by stephenkey

June 12

Lawsuit for Claiming False Patents by anonymous

June 11

IPWatchDog reviews One Simple Idea from Stephen Key by jackbnimble56