Spy Blocker Gadget

Having written about Listen-Up a little while ago got me seriously thinking that in today's world, there seems to be no concept of privacy. Technology has provided us with all kinds of snoop machines and gadgets to poke and pry into people's affairs. What does one do if one wants to keep one's conversations private? Even private corners are sacrosanct no more.

Audio Recording Device BlockerAudio Recording Device Blocker

My search for an anti-snoop device led me to Audio Recording Device Blocker. It is a gadget that blocks the conversation from being recorded by emitting a constant humming sound not audible to human ears. It simply jams any recording device around you. So the entire recorded conversation when played back sounds like complete gibberish. This anti-snoop gadget comes with a remote and built in rechargeable batteries that can last upto 2.5 hours to help you be discreet.

So sit and buzz about the boss right in front of the office snoop. Let him think that he has powerful ammo against you. Guess you'll be having the last laugh.

Hurry and pick up the Audio Recording Device Blocker for yourself if you value your privacy. All it costs is ahem! just $ 4,442.

Kavita Mathur
Gadget Blogger