The Remote Door Key

Standing at my door in the wee hours of the night, often have I cursed my bunch of keys for getting lost in all the traffic inside the bag. The solution - a simple remote from Locca which functions exactly like the remote key for the car!

Locca Remote SecurityLocca Remote SecurityIt unlocks the door to your house like you would with a remote for your car. Strange isn't it how such a simple and safe option had eluded us for so long?

This remote door key gadget from Locca goes one step ahead than the car remote as it programs more than one key. It actually programs in up to 19 keys. The remote is easy to install and is just as safe as the regular car remote. The remote has a 164 feet range and a backup battery just in case your power goes out. The remote is priced around $300. You can get it by contacting your local locksmith or security installer. (For cheaper versions of the remote door key, you can see a wide variety of remote door keys here.)

So indulge yourself with a huge bag and worry not about the keys getting lost in the cavernous awnings of your handbag.


(Via Slashgear)

Kavita Mathur
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Apr 16, 2007
by Boomer Babe

It surely IS about time!

This is great news! It is about time for a remote door-lock for the house. Now, why doesn't the remote get lost in the caverns of your purse?


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