Big Idea Group

Big Idea Group (BIG) brings together creative inventors with innovation-seeking companies. Our goal is to discover and refine promising innovations and present them to the best-matched licensing companies, splitting licensing fees with inventors. Our services are free, honest, and confidential. Since our founding in 2000, Big Idea Group has helped to license or bring to market over 60 products for inventors.

 BIG is organized by different markets. Our main areas of interest are in:

  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Food, Beverage, and Packaging
  • Personal Media and Technology
  • Promotional Products

For more information about BIG’s areas of interest, please visit our website.

Big Idea Group

Allison Pappenfus - Inventor Relations Manager
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Services Provided

Whether you're a professional or an amateur and whether your idea is at prototype stage or just a scribble on a napkin, you'll receive helpful advice from BIG. We offer inventors:

  • A free, simple, confidential, and honest way to have ideas evaluated by experts
  • Evaluations in person, over the phone, or by mail
  • Help in developing, designing, and presenting those ideas we elect to represent
  • Strategic targeting of companies likely to be most receptive
  • Negotiation of a fair and equitable licensing arrangement
  • Special opportunities to participate in Idea Hunts and contests conducted by our clients

Visit our website to learn how to submit your idea to BIG.

Terms of Service

BIG does not charge inventors for reviewing or representing ideas. We make money by licensing ideas—selling a company the rights to produce an invention in return for royalties and advance money—and from fees that companies sometimes pay us for services. As your agent, we generally split advances and royalties 50/50 with you on the licensing deals we negotiate. Because we do not charge for our services and can only invest in a limited number of ideas, we represent only about 1-3% of the ideas we evaluate.

Big Idea Group wants to ensure that its relationships with inventors and corporate partners are fair and clear. If you plan to submit an idea to Big Idea Group, please read our legal agreements on our website, which are designed to precisely define our relationship with you and to protect us both.

Dec 12, 2007
by grahamms

Idea Hunt

  I submitted an entry for the Merchant Media Household Helpers Idea Hunt which ended October 31, 2007.  On December 12, 2007 I received a notice from Big Idea Group stating that my idea "was one of the best" and I received two free products from Merchant Media!  The notice stated that ideas are still being reviewed.  I will post any additional news here.  These guys seem to be legit.

Mar 28, 2010
by Anonymous


i created some very goog ideas need to get them to market

Aug 15, 2010
by Anonymous



I was reading your post, what happen to your idea product? How was the service from Big Idea Group? I'm looking for a legitimate lic. company and was wondering about Big Idea group...


Sep 4, 2010
by Anonymous

BIG is legit

My sister and I won a $20,000 prize a couple of years ago and BIG was great to work with. They were straightforward with the contest rules, and, when we won, payment was very quick.

Dec 1, 2011
by Anonymous

Did anyone have a product go

Did anyone have a product go out to the stores??? If yes, do you feel you were compensated properly?