Since 1992, the 100% woman owned company, IAS Corp, has been working to fulfill the needs of Industry. Now, IAS Corp has created to serve the Consumer market. From CAD Drawings to Prototypes, from Mock-Ups to the Final Product ready for store shelves, works with you to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!

We work with you. You make the decisions along the way and when the project is complete, you have full ownership & control!

Shaler Williams
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Services Provided

Research, Development, Design, Full Scale Prototyping, Packaging Design, Small Scale Production, Large Scale Production Management.

Terms of Service

Our step by step process allows you to pay over the course of the project. We do not require a percentage of profits or any ownership.

While rates depend on the project,  we charge around $125.00 hr for Engineering, $65.00 hr for CAD & Machining, and $85.00 hr for Research & Development.  Since projects vary in complexity and scope, these rates may vary.  

We do provide estimates and quotes after Non-Disclosures are signed.


Feb 15, 2008
by Sunny

Invention prototyping

I have sent this firm an e-mail on Feb 1st . I have yet to receive a response that they have received my communication and will get back to me after            reviewing my submission. I don't know why it should take so long for a simple response, confirming receipt and the time it would take for them to get back to me, post review.

Mar 7, 2008
by Anonymous

Invention Prototyping Reply

Any email received after business hours (8am - 5pm EST Monday - Friday) will not be returned until next business day. We respond to all legitimate email requests that contain contact information. We do not respond to crazy requests.