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Dirt Cheap Patents was founded by Kevin Prince to meet the needs of the independent inventor who needs low-cost, yet high-quality, IP work.

Kevin is an engineer (UC Berkeley, 1988), inventor, and co-founder of Inventor's Forum in 1990, a non-profit inventors assistance group in Orange County, CA. The holder of two patents himself (CD Snaps, Data Glove), Kevin has had multiple successes in business, most notable selling his portable computer accessories business to a public company in 2000.

Currently he is also the president of Paint-By-Grids, which manufactures a unique line of art supplies that can "turn anyone into an artist." Paint-By-Grids products have been features on QVC, and are available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and various catalogs.

Kevin conducts over 80 patent searches per month, and produces patent specs and formal patent drawings for his happy clients. With several engineers and patent drafters on-hand, Dirt Cheap Patents excels at quickly and inexpensively writing your relatively simple, mechanical and electrical patent applications and design patent applications.

Dirt Cheap Patents - Patent Service

Kevin Prince
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Services Provided

  • US Patentability Searches
  • Foreign Patentability Searches
  • US Provisional Patent Applications
  • US Utility Patent Applications
  • US Design Patent Applications
  • Foreign (PCT) Patent Applications
  • Patent Consulting by the hour

Terms of Service

Flat fee for most services. Payment required in advance to secure position on waiting list.

Typical fees are:

US Patent Search - $249

Foreign patent search - $200

WW Patent Search -- $449

US Provisional Application from $999

US Utility Patent Application from $1,899

US Design Patent Application from $399

Foreign (PCT) Application from $900

Patentability Opinion $75

Related work, hourly rate of $150


May 13, 2011
by Anonymous

Patent search

I have a provisional patent {filed 5 mos. ago} and did a preliminary patent search myself and am in need of a professional patent search for the product. My funds are limited but I must take this next step. Could you reply with costs and anything else you need from me. Thanks James Eby HONEBY@MAC.COM

Apr 23, 2012
by Anonymous

simple mechl patent appl

Can you sell me question answering, advice, by an experienced pat atty or agent...for an hourly rate, by computer and or phone. What rate(s)?

Thks much.

Howard Newman