Docie Invention Services

Docie Invention Services include Docie Marketing, a division of Hopewell Cooperative, Inc, and Docie Development, LLC. Founded in the late 1970's by Ron Docie, inventor of the wedge blindspot mirror for vehicles. After Mr. Docie's success, he offered services for other inventors because there were not enough legitimate companies to help them.

Mr. Docie's book, The Inventor's Bible, is highly rated on, available in Barnes and Noble, independent bookstores, libraries, and in every Patent Depository Library of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Docie Marketing sets itself apart because of it's comprehensive and results-driven services offered inventors and companies.

Docie Invention Services

Ron Docie, Sr.
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Services Provided

Docie's Comprehensive Services include:

Marketing, Licensing, Negotiation, Valuation, Trade Show Representation, Consultation and Patent Strategy.

Terms of Service

Docie Development, LLC charges a commission for all services.

Docie Marketing charges either an hourly rate or flat fee, depending on the service.

Please contact Docie Invention Services to determine which service is best for you.

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Dec 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Invention Development Companies

You "invention companies" are all the same. You ask for an idea, oh yes any idea, even a simple scratch on a napkin will do. And you promise to prototype, patent, manufacture, license, and all the rest. You ask for the exact most minute details of the idea. Then ask for fees, commissions, or some other name you give to the "money". Once you have received the details of the idea, and as much money as you think you can get out of the inventor, suddenly you get really busy. Your email is off-line, you are on some important business trip that seems to last for months and years. So basically you just can't be bothered with some stupid things like "what happened to the idea and the money that I paid you?" kind of questions. If you do answer, it turns out that your company can work on pure ideas, but only if these never before seen ideas happen to be already prototyped, patented, manufactured and have been selling in the stores for a minimum of at least the past fifty years. Oh yes, but they have to be totally new and unique never before seen ideas. Otherwise the idea is just totally worthless. Then of course just by pure coincidence a year or two later, new products show up in the stores that are exactly like the idea that you were sent, and the products are almost exactly the same down to the "name" of the product. But of course its all just coincidence.

You "Invention companies" all have one goal in mind and that is to steal ideas and money and whatever else you can from hopeful inventors. You are all just a bunch of thieves who have found yet another way to rip people off.