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Eden CAD leads the way in product development from conception, perfection, prototyping, manufacturing analysis and optimization, and even manufacturing management. Eden CAD employees are a breed of people who are passionate about perfecting designs that prove to be aesthetically pleasing yet structurally sound.

Eden CAD

Nathan Cser
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Services Provided

Design: We are dedicated to crafting a design that breaks the conventions of the given product category, highlights the product features, and adds value through quality. Simultaneously, we often fine tune the minutest details in order to save costs and improve turn around time in manufacturing.

Prototyping: While computer aided design proves to be competitively more efficient than the alternatives, a prototype sheds light on aspects of a design that a computer can only provide a hint of. In addition, a functional prototype can be painted, metal coated, and even structurally and thermally improved to more closely resemble the production version.

Terms of Service

Depending on customer desire, pricing can be based on an hourly rate or a project fee. Prices vary depending on project scope and duration.