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What We Do: At Evergreen Innovation Partners, we pursue our ground-breaking and proprietary Product Capitalist(R) model in helping inventors strengthen and license promising new products.  Often a new product idea lacks the economic clout to justify an entire enterprise. The product may be an add-on to an existing product, or the inventor simply may not have the time and capital to start and run a business. Even more likely, an existing company is already positioned in the marketplace to leverage the invention. It became obvious, through discussions with both inventors and BigCos, that an experienced intermediary could enhance the product development process for both parties.

Our Approach: Our approach is different in two basic ways. First, we view the market through the consumer's lens. An invention may be creative and technically elegant, but it's not a true innovation until consumers buy it. So our approach starts with understanding and measuring consumer response. Second, we don't take any money upfront — unlike many conventional marketing companies. Just the opposite, we have $2 million in committed capital and access to up to $10 million, so we can invest our capital in promising inventions and take compensation only when a successful licensing agreement or sale is completed.

Our Purpose and Values: Evergreen IP exists to find and grow patentable, tangible consumer product ideas into marketable innovation. EIP will achieve above-market returns for shareholders; treat inventors equitably; and will work collaboratively and openly with BigCos. EIP will deal with both inventors and BigCos with transparency and consistency. We recognize that we can succeed as an intermediary only with exceptional staff; a passion for consumer products and commercialization; a healthy balance of risk taking and discipline; and, above all, integrity and honesty.

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Let's face it — invention and commercialization are risky. Not all inventions turn into true innovation. Some require nurturing; some require significant adaptation; and some aren't destined to work. But the odds of success can be improved via consistent use of best practices. Best practices like EIP's that span concept development, product development, legal, finance, branding and market research. And the informed use of our extensive partners' expertise — whether it's Eureka Ranch and Merwyn, ASTRO Studios, Strategix Vision, AC Nielsen BASES, or many others. The resulting EIP process looks like this:

We work with our inventors much the way Hollywood works with screenwriters, by "optioning" the invention. Unlike invention brokers, you don't pay us a fee upfront. Instead, we negotiate an agreement that establishes project terms. We will invest our resources as we deploy our development and qualification process. Like you, we want to move quickly, and we will keep you posted on progress. The goal, of course, is to license or sell the final innovation, because that's the only way either of us make money. But, rest assured, should your project fail to survive the commercialization process at any point, you retain control of your invention's future.

BigCos relationships may take many forms. In most cases, we undertake a project with multiple BigCos in mind. We tailor our development and qualification process with their respective needs in mind, and then present the opportunity to each in an even-handed manner. In some cases, only one meaningful licensee or buyer may exist for the invention. In those cases we may initiate the dialogue early in the value chain. Finally, in yet other cases, BigCos may actually source inventions through EIP as they search to satisfy a particular portfolio need. Dialogue, in those cases, commences as early as possible in our value chain. In all circumstances we bring only topnotch opportunities to the table and transact with complete transparency.

Terms of Service

EIP partners with inventors in order to grow inventions into innovation. We do not charge fees. Rather, we invest our time, money, and relationship capital to develop the product concept, design, and intellectual property and validate the market to a point sufficient to enable a licensing arrangement with a branded manufacturer. We earn our money by sharing in the resulting royalty stream.
Mar 12, 2008
by wardswhitetails

patent # 7314199

Folding archery bow stand. Is this something your company
is interested in? If so you can email me or call 816-392-0211 (Dave Ward)

If not could you direct me to some reputable companies? My mail box is stuffed full of brochures, but some don't seem legitimate, asking for $14,000 up front. Is this standard?
Dave Ward

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