Global Sourcing Specialists - Product Development and Sourcing

Based out of Los Angeles and the Bay Area of California, Global Sourcing Specialists was founded to address the clear need of smaller business entities in the United States to increase their competitiveness, profitability, and overall success in the global economy.

Developing and sourcing your products abroad could be your single most important, cost-effective business strategy in taking your business to the next level. But the fact is that any time you operate in a foreign environment, there will be considerable obstacles that must be overcome to minimize the risk of failure. Global Sourcing Specialists' value to you, is the elimination of these obstacles and the enhancement of your business success.

The benefits and value of working with Global Sourcing Specialists:

* You do not have to struggle with the communication barriers of time, distance, human resources, and cultural differences

* By working with us, you gain access to professional overseas resources but retain a single, easy point of communication here in the United States.

* Clients can spend the time and resources that would be spent on these time-consuming duties on other core tasks that their business depends on, such as marketing and sales, distribution, business administration, and other key business activities.

* The quality of your product is assured through our process controls, experience, and vendor networks.

Global Sourcing Specialists - Product Development and Sourcing

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Services Provided

Product Development and Sourcing Services Global Sourcing Specialists' professional product development and sourcing services are designed to provide you a complete solution in the development, production, and shipment of your product.

Product Development and Sourcing Costs Analysis:

* Receive an analysis of price and quantity quotes from vendors overseas to plug into your business plan and determine price points, manufacturing processes, and product feasibility.

Design and Engineering:

* We have access to the engineering talent that can help you design and/or redesign your product for higher quality, functionality, and manufacturing efficiency. We can provide engineering support through the creation and manipulation of AutoCad, Pro-E, or Solidworks drawings, offer critical feedback from a manufacturing perspective, and free up your internal resources by completing fundamental engineering tasks.

Prototype Manufacturing:

* Develop cost-effective mock-ups and prototypes of your product to aid in your sales, design, and market testing activities.

Vendor Sourcing:

* We identify and qualify suppliers to manufacture your product to meet your specifications, as well as second and third-tier suppliers to ensure the continuity of your supply chain. This includes direct factory visits and audits, tooling and mold creation, sample manufacturing, pilot manufacturing runs and tests, in-house engineering and quality control audits, and other aspects depending on the needs of the project.

Quality Control:

* We have decades of experience sourcing quality products from other countries. Our expertise and process controls ensure that the quality of your product will arrive according to your specifications. Before manufacturing, we ensure that the appropriate quality control criteria are in place to meet your customer's requirements and the processes and parties involved are ready for production. Throughout the process, the outgoing quality of every shipment will be inspected and verified to ensure success.

Packaging and Shipping:

* Whether packaging for shipment or for point-of-purchase readiness, we can arrange for cost-effective packaging of your product overseas to coincide with production and shipping. For shipment, we can provide a network of quality freight forwarders and customs brokers, and can manage the parties and processes to deliver shipments to your required destination.

Terms of Service

Process and Fees Often, our services pay for themselves, because the cost-savings found by successfully sourcing quality product overseas is substantial. The product development and sourcing process varies greatly depending upon the project. By nature, the fees and costs associated with projects vary as well.

* The Product Development and Sourcing Process: The product development and sourcing process greatly depends on the project and client we are working with. There is no one-strategy-fits-all approach. Our services are designed to be modular--meaning they are available to you depending on your specific needs. A typical process will include the following steps:

* We begin by assessing your product, the phase of development you are in, your goals and requirements.

* Depending on these factors, GSS conducts a product development and sourcing costs analysis and delivers a proposal to you outlining what services will be rendered, how the product will be produced, and quotations for each. In this process, we begin to search for vendors, qualify them, and obtain price quotations from them for your assessment. We try to deliver as much information up-front to allow you to make an informed business decision.

* Upon your approval, GSS will initiate work with the selected vendors and shepherd each party through the appropriate steps in the process. This might involve working with industrial design firms, engineering, prototype manufacturers, tooling manufacturers, product and sub-assembly manufacturers, in-house quality control staff and 3rd party providers, freight forwarders and customs brokers, and others.

* GSS provides you the option of being involved in the process as much as you like. We can provide you routine updates and work with you at critical decision points, or we can bring you in the loop with the parties involved.

* Fees and Costs: Because each project and client requires different services, involvement, and processes, our fees and costs for a project are determined once we have an understanding of how we can serve in these ways. Before any commitment or transaction on your part, we provide as much information as possible to allow you to make informed business decisions. One thing is clear, we are not successful by price gouging our clients, witholding information, or by overlooking a clients' best interests. We know the value of repeat business. Please contact us to discuss your project and receive useful feedback immediately.