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Impact Design Associates is a full service, design strategy firm with a collective team approach to design. Located in Los Angeles, IDA has the experience, resources and capabilities to provide our clients with a premium quality of service. Our philosophy is to positively impact the world around us by producing the highest level of design aesthetics and functionality. Our office specializes in design for branding, environments, products, and wayfinding. IDA works with our clients to develop a product that makes deep and indelible impressions,ones that will exceed satisfaction and intrigue target audiences. We believe it is vital how ideas and messages impress, inspire and move the users. The way in which a message or idea is conceived and understood will give purpose to the shapes, sizes, forms and colors. An appropriate design solution works. Our process is one that produces design solutions that balance the degrees of form & function. The process begins by taking the time to understand the objectives, goals and parameters established by the client, involved marketing teams, design teams and codes. Through investigation, exploration, & realization strategies, IDA will meet the project goals while producing an appropriate design solution.
Impact Design - Product Design & Development

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INVENTOR/MARKET ENTRY PRODUCT DESIGN SERVICES We have outlined scopes of services that are most effective for the majority of inventor and market entry products and address the needs of clients at different stages with their business. The following packages are basic guidelines intended to distinguish the services we offer and help evaluate what is appropriate for the project goals and what stage you are currently at with your business/project. The fees associated with each package are based on the complexity, timeframe and specific requirements of the project. A design services agreement to outline all services, fees and terms will be provided after an initial meeting. We can cater our proposal to your specific project needs to include additional services not listed below.

PACKAGE A Product Design for Marketing and Investor Purposes This package is appropriate for projects that require marketing response and or investors to proceed to development. Images are created specifically to generate interest in the project and show the possibilities and the ideas behind the product. These images can be used for presentation to potential investors, web sites, posters, etc. This is a cost effective way to get the project jump-started.

PACKAGE B Product Design for Prototype Purposes This package delivers the necessary steps to take an idea from concept into a physical prototype. A physical prototype can be necessary for component evaluation, ergonomic studies, production material and color selections as well as presentation for further investment. Design development is directed towards the specific method(s) of prototyping that achieve the goals at this stage. Changes and revisions at this stage are able to be performed and questions or concerns can be addressed prior to investing in tooling.

PACKAGE C Product Design for Production Purposes This package includes complete services to define a design direction, develop prototype(s), and 3D modeling for manufacturing or licensing purposes. These steps provide developments and refinements, response to testing, and vendor interface necessary to take the project to production. This set of services is an extensive approach that requires a high level of planning, financial backing and market strategy to properly implement.

Terms of Service

IDA provides a complete proposal and service agreement to include scope of work, duration, phases of service and fee breakdown for each project. Our general policy requires an initial percentage payment and scheduled progress payments based on work completed. We are able to make adjustments to our agreements if necessary to address special project needs.
Dec 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Idea and Invention development Companies

You "invention companies" are all the same. You ask for an idea, oh yes any idea, even a simple scratch on a napkin will do. And you promise to prototype, patent, manufacture, license, and all the rest. You ask for the exact most minute details of the idea. Then ask for fees, commissions, or some other name you give to the "money". Once you have received the details of the idea, and as much money as you think you can get out of the inventor, suddenly you get really busy. Your email is off-line, you are on some important business trip that seems to last for months and years. So basically you just can't be bothered with some stupid things like "what happened to the idea and the money that I paid you?" kind of questions. If you do answer, it turns out that your company can work on pure ideas, but only if these never before seen ideas happen to be already prototyped, patented, manufactured and have been selling in the stores for a minimum of at least the past fifty years. Oh yes, but they have to be totally new and unique never before seen ideas. Otherwise the idea is just totally worthless. Then of course just by pure coincidence a year or two later, products show up in the stores that are exactly like the idea that you were sent, and the products are almost exactly the same down to the "name" of the product. But of course its all just coincidence.

You "Invention companies" all have one goal in mind and that is to steal ideas and money and whatever else you can from hopeful inventors. You are all just a bunch of thieves who have found yet another way to rip people off.