Impulse Design & Engineering LLC

Impulse Design & Engineering is a full service product development company. We offer a wide array of services all designed to support your product development needs in the areas of industrial design, engineering, and prototyping. We have experience in a variety of different industries. We have over 10 years of product development experience, and in that time, we have completed thousands of projects ranging from small, simple, single part designs to large, complex designs including hundreds of components. Having worked on so many projects in so many industries and with so many different customers, we have learned how to be very flexible. We understand that being flexible is more important than defining a formal "design process". When developing a relationship with you, our goal is to be flexible and adapt to YOUR needs instead of defining a process that you have to follow. Whether your project is small or large, simple or complex, our goal is to deliver a quality design. Impulse will deliver it faster than everyone else, and we will complete it at a cost that fits your budget. To achieve our goal, we remove the "design process" from the equation and focus only on what is necessary to develop your product.
Impulse Design & Engineering LLC
Impulse Design & Engineering LLC

Matthew Graham
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Services Provided

We offer: industrial design (ergonomics and styling) product development (CAD service and design for manufacture) prototyping (SLA, FDM, & full color 3DP)


Terms of Service

We work on the terms of our customers whenever possible. The following items highlight how we typically work: - Submit quote / proposal - Proposal is endorsed with a purchase order. - Work commences - Communication is constant via e-mail, phone conversations, on-site visits, web meetings, web viewers, etc... - Project is completed - Payment is made ( typically net 30 )