The Inventor's Stockroom

The Inventor's Stockroom (ISR) is a vertical search engine and e-publisher of information for the inventor, academic, research & development, entrepreneur, and prototyping community. It's purpose is to build on the concept of vertical search engines for the technical marketplace that was pioneered by websites such as globalspec and Thomasnet. The Inventors's Stockroom reduces the time and frustration of wading through the vast sea of data found on traditional search engines. Data and information that many times doesn't pertain to the needs of the user.

Isn't it time the inventing community had their own search engine?

The Inventor's Stockroom
The Inventor's Stockroom

Ralph Hughett
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We provide a searchable database of human indexed sites in the following categories: Learning, Legal, Licensing, Product Development and Commercialization, Prototyping, and Stockroom Suppliers.

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