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IPWatchdog, Inc. is incorporated pursuant to the laws of the State of New York. IPWatchdog, Inc. offers various legal, consulting, educational and writing services, as well as educational products and services aimed at assisting individual inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses. IPWatchdog, Inc. also offers consulting services to attorneys engaged in intellectual property litigation. Originally IPWatchdog.com was started in October of 1999. It quickly became an information resource on Intellectual Property and related topics of law for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that have come to IPWatchdog.com over the years.
IPWatchdog - Legal Services

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Services Provided

IPWatchdog, Inc. provides all the services an inventor could need to secure protection for inventions. We offer patent searches, patentability opinions, patent drawings and we have a unique online system that allows you to create your own patent application simply by answering a series of detailed questions. Additionally, for those inventors who are interested in learning how to write, file, obtain and manage their own patents, we offer an Inventor Patent Education Course, which is a 24 hour home study course that you can view on your computer or any DVD player. The course explains basic patent law principles, teaches you how to write a patent application, how to file a patent application and how to work with the Patent Office and Patent Examiner to obtain a patent. There are original written materials, detailed cases studies, forms and models you can use for practically every situation you are likely to encounter.

Terms of Service

US Patent Searches - $450

done at the USPTO Search Facility in Alexandria, VA. Utility Patent Illustrations - $300

Provisional Patent Applications - $600

Non-provisional Patent Application - $1,200