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James Mark Lowrance (Jim), creator of "JimLow's Audios/Articles" website, is an inventor, having success beginning in 1990, marketing, licensing and selling inventions.

Five of the inventions he marketed, were purchased for retail by Wal-Mart stores and other major retail outlets and catalogs. One of his products was used in 1992 by Kerr-McGee Oil company, for a national promotion to boost sales of their "Mystik Precision Blue Outboard Motor Oil" and was also telemarketed on several national T.V. shows. He obtained license agreements for six products, later selling four of these for outright purchase to a company who still markets them.

His most successful product, the fishing "Rod Floater", licensed to Blakemore Sales Corporation, in 1996, is still available through Bass Pro Shops (catalog and retail stores), Cabela's (retail stores), Academy Stores, Catfish Connection catalog and many other outlets, from which he still recieves a monthly royalty check from sales.

After being contacted by inventors for years following his experiences with inventions, who requested his advice, Jim decided to become a consultant to inventors and has just recently added a page to his website, originally created to help inform patients with thyroid disorders and other diseases, so that they can visit the page offering his cost-effective e-mail consultation service ($75.00) for inventors and easily accessable to order, via a PayPal button (PayPal membership not required). Those who purchase the consultation service, also recieve a copy of his audio, detailing his invention experiences. Jim welcomes inventors to come visit his page.

(Jim Lowrance, age-44, 2007)

JimLow's Audios/Articles
JimLow's Articles/Audios

Jim Lowrance
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Services Provided

30 days of e-mail consultation for $75.00, including a detailed audio presentation, detailing Jim Lowrances invention experience.

Inventors ordering the service, agree to the contract terms shown on the webpage and Jim Lowrance also agrees to the terms of his responsibilities, as also outlined on the page.

Inventors do not have to disclose their invention design or concept, in order to use his consultation service.

Terms of Service

Inventors ordering Jim Lowrance's Contract E-mail Consultation Service, agree to the contract-terms set forth on the webpage for ordering, upon clicking the "buy now" button and completing the order.

The terms are designed to protect both the inventor and Jim Lowrance and are common sense and easy to understand.

Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

Patent Pending companies

Who would you trust for a basic provisional patent in the Florida area?

Oct 29, 2008
by Anonymous

24 hr patent pending company

Is this true?

Jun 7, 2012
by Anonymous

From: Jim Lowrance

I did not follow through with starting the contract inventor assistance business listed above. I contacted InventorSpot twice over the past several years,in regard to replacing the information shown above, with a link to my invention book but this has not yet taken place. They have also ran three of my articles on their site since 2007 (5 years as of this year - 2012).

I am hoping they will add my inventor book link to those articles and remove the incorrect information soon (as I requested) but in the mean time, I wanted any readers seeing these articles and the above write-up, that I am not in the inventor assistance business.

James M. Lowrance