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Lenfest Media Group's mission is to help inventors turn their products into household names by investing in the power of Direct Response Television (DRTV) in order to reach the mass market and exponentially grow sales. Through DRTV, Lenfest Media Group creates the consumer and brand awareness that propels product sales and revenue.  We eliminate the complexity and financial risk in creating a DRTV strategy by offering a one-stop solution to inventors.  Lenfest Media Group has the capability to provide the funding for market research, creative development, manufacturing, media buying, fulfillment and retail distribution in exchange for a licensing agreement with the product owner.  This allows our partners to work with us in a risk free relationship. We believe that DRTV, when deployed strategically, can dramatically impact the success of our partners.

Lenfest Media Group specializes in identifying and investing in products that have the best chance to succeed via the DRTV channel.  We have an exhaustive filtering process that we run every product through to ensure it meets our criteria.  Given the considerable financial commitment that goes into each DRTV campaign, it is vital to be able to identify which products have the best chance of going to market. Our research group is constantly evaluating the markets, products and services where the use of DRTV can make a difference and can effectively be scaled to deliver a superior investment return. Lenfest Media Group is a uniquely positioned DRTV partner due to our ability to combine and leverage our three powerful assets: DRTV Campaign Management Expertise, DRTV Infrastructure, and Investment Capital.

Lenfest Media Group also owns and operates Get It On TV Philly, an infomercial only television station that broadcasts to 2.6 million homes in the Philadelphia DMA and Get It On TV, which is an ecommerce website for as seen on tv products.

Lenfest Media Group
Lenfest Media Group

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Services Provided

*Market Research

*Creative Development


*Media Buying


*Retail Distribution

Terms of Service

Lenfest Media Group will provide the risk free funding for the aforementioned services in return for a licensing agreement that provides us with exclusive distribution rights.