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I would like to welcome you to Manufacturers in China. I am an overseas sourcing agent with over 25 years of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing manufacturers in China for major retailers and private companies throughout the United States and abroad.I am recommended by the Trade Development Councils and the Chambers of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.You need to know that you can count on your suppliers and the right manufacturers. What I do is act in your behalf, caring for your interests throughout the process of bringing your products to market.I will be there to inspect the plant where your products will be made, to meet the manufacturers, to present drawings and samples, and to work with the manufacturer's designers. I will arrange quality control, packaging, and the inspections of your goods. Rest assured that I will find the best possible products and manufacturers. I will only deal with manufacturers in China whose reputations are solid and come recommended by the Trade Development Councils.You may also be assured that all documentation regarding the manufacturing and importation of your products will be properly handled. Manufacturers in China also arranges the shipping of your products.

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Gene E Garrettt
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Here is a step by step accounting of the process I go through for my clients. The first thing I do is do a thorough search of companies that can produce your product, I then do a formal check on these companies for any red flags flying against them. (For example late deliveries, poor quality, poor working conditions etc.)   After narrowing these manufactures down to ten I feel some what confident in, I then go to their show rooms and take a look at their present products and talk to CEO of the company. I then narrow my search down to two manufacturers, that I feel certain can produce your product. I will then make a plant visit, to inspect their manufacturing facilities. I then sit down with their engineers and designers and go over your product design, till I feel certain they understand what we are trying to achieve and produce. I then set up quality control within the plant for your production run. The quality control stations will be set up usually in three, to four different places, along the production line. I take care of all the packaging of your product, based on your graphic art work. I also take care of the shipping of your product, from the manufacturer, to your door, or directly to the retailers. We have a follow up service that every time you order products, I will, or someone from my Hong Kong office will, visit the manufacturer and check the goods before they are loaded. We make sure all the shipping documents are in order for a smooth delivery. All during this time the manufacturer will be sending you drawings of any changes that they feel might help the production, or quality of your product. These changes are entirely up to you to change or not.


Terms of Service


           After my contract is signed I start sourcing out at least 10 to 15 manufacturers that have the capability of manufacturing your product. I thoroughly check out these companies and start to make appointments with them. This is all done here in the States before I leave. I then travel personally to China and stay about four weeks there to complete all arrangements. In the beginning when I arrive in Hong Kong I confirm all the appointments I have made. Once I am at the manufacturer’s showroom I examine all their production, past and present and speak of their future projects.  If the company looks good I arrange a visit to their factory, regardless of its location.  Usually I travel to about ten factories to inspect, a process which takes some time, but which is absolutely necessary. 

      Most factories in Hong Kong receive inquiries every day from around the globe, emails arriving in foreign languages, or voices on the phone that they can’t translate. One can’t blame them for failing to answer casual requests.  They only take a company seriously when the agent arrives and follows these accepted steps in negotiation.  When I walk the production line, examine the machinery, note the number of employees actually at work, and see the quality produced, the owner of the factory knows we are “for real.”  

     Once a factory is selected, it has to be able to keep up with the quantities needed without outsourcing to other factories.  The quality control will be put in place at the best locations on the line to avoid defects in the final product.  The factory will be capable of communication in English through the owner himself or his representative employees, so that you will never have a hard time making your requirements understood in the future.  You will be in direct communication with your manufacturer and will never have to go through anyone else.

     I will take care of all your packaging requirements, based on your graphic artist’s designs.

     I arrange all shipping and guide your company through Customs, so that you will have no problems.  This whole process, from my arrival in China to the time you have your manufacturer in place usually takes about two months.  In addition I guarantee my work so that I stand ready to help you if any problem arises in the future concerning the work I did for you.  You will not be left to fend for yourself.

     Some sourcing agents are actually factory representatives masquerading as independent agents.  They will promise to find the best manufacturer for you but instead guide you to their employer only. 

     Other agents take a royalty or mark-up on every dime you spend overseas.  They are mostly interested in how big your business is, so that they can continue to take a piece of your profit for as long as you are doing business, and get rich off your prosperity.  Some will even hide the amount they take, and jealously guard the connection between you and your manufacturer so that you may never speak to him and thus discover what the agent is paying himself.

 This means I charge a one time flat fee for my services. You will be in direct contact with the manufacturer and all quotes, agreements and contracts will come directly from them.

My service will continue till the client stops ordering products from the manufacturer we have selected to produce the clients product.

Dec 6, 2010
by Curious George
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NDA' for overseas manufacturing?

What type of enforceable NDA  is used if any when you have a company say for example in China manufacture your product for you?

1) What is stopping that company from manufacturing your product themselves and selling it on their site as well as to other countries where your IP protection does not apply? 

2) Are most companies overseas willing to sign such an agreement?And if not  why?

I think at the very least you should get them to sign one and if they breach the contract at least you can expose the fact of what they did to others considering their services.assuming most of us probably wont be able to afford to take them to court if a breach has actually occurred based on their laws regarding such a matter but at least you can expose them for what they have done.Or maybe you will find an reputable company that will honor the contract.

Jun 2, 2012
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