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NatWish LLC facilitates new product development. As a small firm, we deliver exceptional service with fast results, building long-term client relationships. We have the business experience, knowledge, and capabilities to navigate the complexity of promoting new products in all stages of development, from a raw idea, to a tested prototype, within a broad array of industries. Our firm is known for the close collaboration between our advisors and our clients. Our approach begins with understanding a client’s business goals. We then work to provide the practical advice and resources necessary to achieve them. Clients can rely on our unsurpassed expertise at structuring, drafting, and negotiating license agreements. Our payment method further aligns our firm’s risk with that of the client’s, so that we’re our client’s strongest advocate. Client success is our success. We are also dedicated to making NatWish LLC a great place to work. We support diversity, creating a green workspace, and giving back. We are proud to participate in annual fundraising for the March of Dimes.
NatWish LLC Product Development
NatWish LLC

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Services Provided

NatWish LLC’s services are straightforward and honest. No Fees. No Retainers. Inventors are very protective of their new product idea, which is understandable. We respect that concern. We encourage all clients to obtain a Provisional Patent Application (PPA), which costs $110.00 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as protection of their intellectual property. We are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement for clients not yet at the PPA stage and assist them with that application process, free of charge, if needed. Know that we won’t discuss a client’s idea with anyone, under any conditions, until it is protected. If we make the decision to represent a client, we only require a 180 day exclusive relationship with NatWish LLC. During these 180 days, we will work directly with the client, as the inventor and designer, to use our expertise to market their new product and negotiate a license agreement with a manufacturer. We may also consider directly investing in a product and assisting with the start-up of a new business. We do not sell evaluation services, prototypes, market reports, manufacturer lists, patent research, or patents. Our complete focus is on bringing a new product to the marketplace. When a licensing agreement is obtained for a client, our payment would be a percentage from any royalties paid by the manufacturer. NatWish LLC would receive 40% of any and all royalties, ten percent lower than the industry average for licensing firms. If we’re not successful at licensing a new product, we receive nothing. We strive to keep our services cost effective and to provide customer satisfaction through integrity, insight and innovation.

Terms of Service

To submit a new product for review please complete the Idea Submission Form, we generally find that a written description with an overview of the product’s application/s and target market is best, along with any samples, photographs, videos, DVDs, CDs, etc. This information may be mailed, faxed or emailed.

Idea Submission Form.