OBVIA - Product Development Services

At OBVIA,we can pull together professionals to meet the specific needs of each individual project providing the lowest cost, best solution to bring products to market.

We deliver results from virtual prototypes to working prototypes.

Product brokering services are done at no cost to our clients.

OBVIA - Product Development Services

Scott Keeley
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Services Provided

Provisional Patent Assistance

Virtual Prototypes

Working Prototypes

Product Brokering

Terms of Service

We do charge a on a fee for services basis for prototype devlopment. We promote our virtual and working prototypes to a host of sales representatives and manufacturers.

Fees would depend on the type of product or service and the complexity of the prodject. Here are some examples of typical fees:

Provisional Patents Services

  • Provisional Patent Application - $200.00
  • Patent Search- $200.00
  • Professional Drawings - $300.00
  • Government Filing Fee - $100.00
  • Complete Package (Including all of the above- $800.00)

Product Development Costs

  • Virtual Prototype - $750.00
  • Animation - $950.00

Volume Discount 20% Discount when developing two or more product ideas concurrently

Working Prototype

Engineering and prototype development are dependent upon the complexity of the project. We will be happy to work with you to provide the services you need at a price you can afford.

Product Brokering

Product brokering fees are included in your development costs.