Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling Inc

Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling, Inc. offers injection molding of plastic parts as well as injection molding tooling.  We specialize in small volume and new projects and have over 40 years of experience manufacturing your plastic parts.

We can offer plastic injection molded tooling and product manufactured in the USA to your specicifations without the worry of having you idea copied or stolen by some unknown shop in some third world country.

* * * Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling was founded in 2009 with the aspiration to become the Premier plastic injection molding supplier in the Southeast.  We are always committed to promoting our outstanding reputation by treating our customers with integrity and excellence. Located in North Georgia between Atlanta and Athens, Premier Plastic is ready to help you with your plastics manufacturing needs.  We are an injection molding and plastic tooling source that focuses on quality and dependability while keeping your costs low.


Premier Plastic Molding & Tooling Inc
PRemier Plastic Molding & Tooling, Inc.

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Services Provided

Injection Molding - Injection Mold Tooling - Plastic Part Design and Consultation We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing plastic molded product.  We are ready to quote your molded plastic parts and provide you with the outstanding service you expect.  We are experienced in all types of engineered plastic resin, including ABS, Ultem, Nylon, Noryl, Delrin. Valox, Rynite, Ryton, Santoprene, Lexan, and many others.  Premier has the experience to blend the newest technologies in the industry with decades of experience. 

We can design and provide injection mold tooling that will insure quality product, through the use of both modern technologies and time honored tooling manufacturing practices.  Let Premier take your next project from concept to final product. 

We can also help you with acquiring prototype plastic parts, part design services, invention manufacturing services for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Terms of Service

Pricing can vary widely for plastic injection molding.  There are really two steps to the process. 

The first step is the tooling.Typically, an injection tool cost between  5,000 and can go as high as 1/2 million dollars.  The contolling factor is sually the size of the part. $5000 would be something smaller than 3" and the half million dollar tool would be something like a golf cart body.  The amount of detail plays some part in the tooling cost also but with properly designed parts its a small percentage of the total tool cost. When a customer has a finished product design, we quote the tooling with a fixed amount.  There are usually some options, like tooling built in China is usually much cheaper, and depending on the customers needs we usually give them a choice of cavitation (how many parts made at a time) which effects part price.  The customer owns the tooling and we manufacture to industry standards so that the customer may take their tool and have any other molder run the production if they don't like the job we are doing.  In other words, we make the tool to fit universally in all molding machines.

The second part of the equation is the actual cost of the molded part. This price is basically the cost of the plastic material weight of the part itself, and then the time required to mold the part.  Typically a part that weighs a quarter of a lb or less will cost about $1.00 each.  If you built two cavity tooling the price would drop to about $.60 each.  We give the customer several price catagoriesbased on volume of parts ordered. Again, we quote the cost of parts when we quote the tooling.  Our customers know up front what their particular tooling and parts will cost before spending any money - no suprises.

As an example - a recent customer contacted us about a golf gadget made up of three plastic parts assembled together .  He sent us a CAD file of the parts.  We gave him a quote on US tooling and China tooling. (he chose US) and the part cost for each of the parts.  We also quoted to him the assembly and packaging separately.  The customer picked US tooling and decided he would do the packaging and assembly himself.  He sent us a down payment (50%) for the tooling which is being built now.  Once he approves molded samples from the tool he will have to pay the remaining 50% of the tooling and then can order however many parts he wishes.

There is a quote request page on our Website.  Any  customer may send us the nformation about their plastic molding needs and will will give them a binding quote for tooling and part costs.