Rapid Prototyping Services

Alpha Prototypes specializes in Rapid Prototyping, a process that takes a 3D CAD drawing and produces a physical part. The patented FDM process builds a high-detail, strong part from ABS plastic which can be used to demonstrate and test product designs.

How does 3D Printing fit into the design process? Designers and Inventors using 3D CAD modeling programs can benefit from FDM printing in several ways:

* Reducing time to Market - FDM printers help streamline design & development which can drastically reduce the time it takes to get products to the market place. The ease of use provides designers to fine tune their designs without expensive tooling charges using rapid prototypes.

* Generating Bottom-Line Savings - by enabling a highly collaborative and efficient design process, FDM printers and rapid prototypes have helped organizations significantly lower production costs, reduce expensive revisions late in the development cycle and ensure products' gross profit potential.

* Enhancing Communication and Collaboration - FDM printing provides functional plastic models which can be easily shared, refined, and improved. 3D Prototyping also allows designers to easily communicate a design's true features to key audiences, including management, marketing, vendors and customers. Selling ideas is easy when you can show rather than explain.

* Prove your designs and provide functional models to show product feasibility. Designs that would take weeks to machine can be built and refined easily with FDM models to effectively demonstrate the value of designs.

Rapid Prototyping Services

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Rapid Prototypes, Stereolithography, FDM, 3D Printing.

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Sep 8, 2007
by steve freeman (not verified)

need to get prototype made and patent

I have plans for a self powering electric motor, but cant find the money to get a prototype made. ( not a magnet motor either ) It  Hard to get past the first step. I though about taken it to M.I.T. and haveing them make a prototype. ITS NOT SOMETHING I WANT TO DO. I just found this site and it seem more up my alley.

Buy the way this motor can be made any size and with different application can power anything. Now I have the solution for the fossil fuel and pollution. If you think you can help or give me a push in the right directions it would be a great help and thank you. Steve Freeman Warwick RI.