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About us:

Suburban Artworks has more than five years experience in 3D modeling, video production, and print media. We specialize in 3D product imaging using digital or printed drawings to create three-dimensional stills and animations. We can assist you in bringing a conceptual idea to life by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D software.

What we do:

We make ideas presentable with images of a virtual prototype for sell sheets and flyers. we create animations that demonstrate the product and it's functionalty in the best possible light. we generate files to create a rapid prototype that can be shown and handled as a real object

Suburban Artworks
Suburban Artworks

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Services Provided

  • We offer inventors and product designers the latest in 3D digital visualization technology to create a virtual prototype that helps clarify ideas to their manufacturers and potential manufacturers.
  • Images sell ideas.
  • At Suburban Artworks we understand that Inventors and Product Designers need to show their ideas in the best light.

Your idea needs to be presented in the clearest most visually appealing way.

You literally see your product before it is manufactured. This often helps to reveal and solve problems that would not be apparent in a sketch.

With a photo realistic virtual prototype, you see your invention from all angles, leaving nothing to the imagination. Color, texture and background all help bring ideas to life. With a virtual prototype you can show your invention in context. An outside toy placed on the grass. A kitchen product placed on a table.

Words aren't always the best medium for explaining your vision to others. Why not rely on the latest technology for communicating that new and innovative idea?

Terms of Service

Most 3D renderings can range from as low as 200.00 to 1000.00 depending on complexity.

Most virtual prototypes that could be used to create an actual prototype ranges from 800.00 to 1500.00 depending complexity.

Renderings can be made from a virtual prototype but a 3D model may or may not be able to be turned into an actual prototype as it depends on the modeling process. A discussion would be needed to ascertain what is needed.

Animations range from 1500.00 to 3000.00 for around 30 seconds depending on complexity.

Please e-mail us to discuss what you want done in general terms and to give us an idea of your requirements (e.g., renderings versus video animation)